"Official" Zam holster is FINISHED! New picture!! 2/24

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Well, here is the prototype Zam holster that I just finished! All it needs are the 2 black snaps ans the "correct" purplish-brown dye.
At first, I engraved all of the lines on the holster, later noticing that there is a whole new layer on top, right where all the detail begins. So I cut and mounted a second piece, engraved into that, and added the strips.
Any questions or comments, please let me know. I want to make my first Zam piece, the perfect piece for all of you Zammers out there! :)

Preliminary list:

1. Sandgirl
2. Qui-Gon_Ludo
3. MonCal
4. MaulMaus
5. Dark Trooper
6. Zam I Am
7. seventhz777z x2

Next up, the helmet, then maybe the shin/foot armor!

Dallas has a thread around here about the blaster he is making. I am pretty sure he gave some dimensions in there.

I made mine a little too small I guess...

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Yeah, as if I haven't put enought stuff on my plate to do! :)
Royal Guard
Imp officer
Vader stuff
Jango stuff
*even more secret*

Now Zam..

Let's see, right now, my little work table has a
Tusken head
Vader body suit
*Very secret* (and it's NOT going to be easy)
Jango pouches
Zam holster

Can I add anything else?? :lol:
It's all just a juggling act.
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Well, the pattern is finished! All I need to do is go home, and cut one out!
Would it be the consensus that it is brown with hints of purple? With the exception of the flap that snaps around the belt?
It seems it me that most of it is purplish, but the little detailed section , with the little strips of leather accross, is brown, with little hints of purple around the strips.
What I'll probably do is just cut out the pattern, and glue it all together. That way you guys can see exactly how it will look. Then I'll worry about the colors. Probably best to wait until I have the correct pantone color jumpsuit material before I start mixing leather dyes.
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Very nice. :thumbsup: May I suggest that you only try a brown dye first, as the "pinkness" of that type of leather sometimes affects the end color of a piece. Apply a sparing dose, and let it cure completely. In the proper light, it may have your sought after purpleness. If that fails, try a purple eyeshadow applied with a cotton ball and buffed.

Again, very nice work. :)
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I guess I should've mentioned price. ;)
I'm estimating a finished holster will go for about $30 plus shipping.
If there's someone really anal about authenticity, I could also add the little black eyelet inside the holster. Doesn't look like it's used for anything. Perhaps it was initially designed to have the holster tie around her leg as well?
I'm still waiting for feedback on the color of the holster, as well as the sample to jumpsuit.
Might be about 3 weeks or so until I start sending these out. Until then, I'd like to start a list of interested names so I can start to gather the leather and cut and glue most of them.
The only thing I need to add to the holster in the picture is the extra covering of leather on the flap, which I will do on the finished versions.
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Toby, don't you have to use the right gun to wet-form the leather around so the blaster fits properly? If so, we might be in for one. We can save on shipping and pick it up when we see you for Transworld. ;)
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Nah, no need for wet forming on this thing. It's the same kind of idea as a trooper blaster. Provided that I have the correct gun measurements, it should just slide right in, and have enough slack to hold it in place. If it's too large, the seam at the back of the gun could be glued down a little further.
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You can do that by flipping that piece of leather over the top to the inside of the holster (away from the body) and gluing it rather than to the outside (towards the body). Both will create the belt loop.
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Dustin Crops Boy wrote:

not to nit pick... but the panel - where the 2 black snap backs are - should be leather side out - NOT suede side out.

I know, that's what I meant when I said I had to glue a second piece of leather down on top of the loop area. :)
I'm being just as picky. ;)
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