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I know how I am gonna try most of the major scratchs and dings on the JP but what is everyone else doin to get that real fine spotted effect all over the JP, is it some type of misting technique or something else?
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I was going to bring mine outside and lay it out on a big tarp. Climb up the ol' ladder and mista way from like 6 ft with a little flat black and a little smoke gray, etc.

I too would love to hear some feedback on this topic.
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thanks asok but I am looking for the speckled effect that appears over the entire surface of the jet pack it would have to be some kind of paint and not R&B.
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You can get that effect with an airbrush. Or you can put some paint on a toothbrush and push (don't pull or you'll get paint all over yourself) it across a dowel or scrap piece of plastic. Practice first though.
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An airbrush will give you nice smoked effects, but for the spatter patterns, just use black spray paint. If you barely press down on the valve, it will 'spit' giving you that effect. I highly recommend practicing this before trying it out on your jet pack. The toothbrush technique will work too. Here is how mine turned out.

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You can get the spatter effect with an airbrush by lowering the air from the compressor. Then pull back the needle all the way. It's a lot easier to do than using spray paint. If you push just a little too hard, it'll look like your pack was on fire. :lol:
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A few things to remember about spray cans and misting and spattering paints, new cans will give you the fine mist pattern because the pressure is the greatest in the can, a can that is almost empty will give you the bigger splatter effects like in Bobas armor because the pressure is just there to make a fine mist. Also do it in short bursts of any where from 8"-24" away from object to get your desired effects.

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Hey guys thanks for all the paint tips and the tooth brush thing is a really cool idea. I got the desired effect with my airbrush for now but I think I just got lucky really, either way it turned out good and I will hopefully have pics up soon.
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Hey Fetts,

I've sucessfully painted my jet pack and have the appropriate silver showing here and there. But, has anyone weathered theirs further? I was thinking of using some kind of rust colored primer and maybe a light misting of black, but wanted to hear what others thought. Is there a better way of weathering it without fear of messing it up?

I put 4 coats of chrome paint first, then 4 coats of American Accents Sage Green. Then I took fine steel wool and scraped away the green here and there to show the chrome. What am I missing?

Thanks! :D

John Barrows, Jr.
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I misted some black on the thrusters by turning them upside down then blasting a few shots of black and grey on the bottoms. I also took the top rocket off and spratyed some black down the top of the part the rocket goes into.
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You may want to try the blackwash method that RS suggests??? I've been using this method on all my stuff since Lee posted it in his found color thread, and I really like how it turns out. I plan to do this w/ my JP when I get it, and it looks really good on my armour & gauntlets. Basically, you just ad a small amout of balck acrylicc paint to blue windsheild washer fluid, and apply it to your prop. You can either brush it on, or use a spray bottle. It will darken your paint some, so go slow at first till you figure out how you want the end result to look. gives your stuff a dingy/dirty look, and dulls the paint down some. Hope that helps:)
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Wow that sounds interesting! I think I'll try it. Thanks! :D

John Barrows, Jr.
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I just finished the base colors on my new MLC pack and now its time for the weathering. I like the techniques I used on my old MB but I want to try something different. Even though I used the wal mart shopping list I have seen all over TDH the colors just seem deep and a slight bit dark. Would I benefit from trying to dull down say the blues by misting a lighter blue or just dusting the entire back with like a camo khaki or white?
Just curious on techniques for lightening some areas

I used a color called "Grime" made by floquil, I mixed that with water, now the paint is enamel so it doesn't actually "mix" with water. I then put the "mixture" into a spray bottle and misted it onto my jet pack, then blott it up with a paper towl, it lightens up the colors a bit plus is gives the jet pack a nice dirty look and feel. The paint is weird when it drys it feels like dirt, some will even come off on your hands the first couple of times you handle the thign. You can see it a little in this pic. It makes the lighter color areas in the blue and yellow.

I used a simple black matt spray can... but I tested some brown, grey and black misting cans on my helmet and that looks alot more convincing.

so I might actually go at it again with brown and grey at some spots...

jetpack finished.JPG
Hey gang,
Well I finally unmasked my pack last night and today after work I started the weathering. Im about 80% done with the weathering, then all I need to do is knock out the rocket and nozzles. Before I did any weathering you don't know HOW HARD it was to accept that the orange from the wal mart list was the correct paint to be using. I kept looking at it for a long time, thinking the pack looked too dark, and contemplated several times re-masking with and going over that orange with dark yellow. I but my lip and proceeded with leaving it alone. Only until I got most of the chipping and dirtying done did I realize that the colors were in fact right. I guess it took the lightness of the silver to give it that right look and Im VERY pleased with the work I have so far. I would appreciate any feedback towards my paint work if possible.
Attached are of course the before (primered 'glass) and what Im up to now in the after shot.



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