Official Jet Pack Waist Strap Buckle

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I am very honored to be able to share this info with you but I can't take ANY of the credit for it. Lee (C17LM) made this discovery all on his own!!!


There appear to be a few inconsistancies near the back of the buckle. Note that the buckle from MoM is on a belt so you can't see the bottom lip of the buckle in that half of the image as you can on the bare buckle above it. Also there is a line where the green paint ends on the buckle from MoM and not on the bare buckle. That line and other details are documented on the webpage in the link below.

As a side note: I was reading, earlier today, PhantomFett's post concerning his theory of the jet pack harness being an SCBA tank harness. After doing a bit of research, I do believe he is correct and I can't wait for the correect model to be IDed. Many SCBA harnesses have a similarly styled buckle as the US Divers SCUBA harness posted in the link above. I would imagine that the buckle is simply a oem item, made by a third party, and bought by the various harness companies to be added to their rig. We are not trying to say the US Divers harness is the ONLY harness that has this buckle or that Fett's buckle has the US DIVERS brand name stamped on it. However, I do believe it to be from the same oem.
Whooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another found part to add to the list!! Incredible find, C17LM!

You can also see a very clear pic of this piece on the original ESB cardback that shows the prepro suit in space-- not to mention all the MoM pics that clearly show this is the correct piece.
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Very interestink! A scuba harnes..... I do believe it is, however I think the cross bar on the bottom of the Fett version was added for the jet pack. The shape of the harness looks like it would hold a single tank. Boy oh boy, did someone hit the nail on the head. I am beginning to wonder if it isn't Joe Lee Johnston :lol:
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OOhhhhh! Found parts, my favorite. Great find Lee. Now you've got the paint and belt buckle down whats next chip behind the keyholes in the helmet?
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Hey thanks. I'm always looking and trying to improve stuff for us. Just so you know I threw it by Brak's before showing the board only becasue he's so damn picky and I needed verification.(Which he did catch one flaw the first buckle I found was too big which is the Dacor)

I'm working on more stuff daily. If anyone knows anything about cameras the knurled round thing below the rocket looks like a focus knob to a camera. Been talking this with Tyler Durden and he came to same conclusion (not to speak for him). If anyone has any ideas please speak up.

Keep watching the TDH never know when something may pop up ;).


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You know. The whole harness system looks like it would be a pretty comfortable way to wear a pack but it might be hard to find a way to attach a completed pack to it. (yes I'm at that point right now because I'm not sure my system is going to work)

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Awesome find. Truly awesome.

You folks and your detective work never cease to amaze me. Inspiring finds like this are why TDH was created!

Keep it up, all!
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I've located two vintage harnesses with the thought to be correct U.S. divers buckle like the ones pictured in BB's tutorial. I'm keeping one and if if someone want the other one I'll pick it up for them. I'm geting it locally for $35.00 for the herness and the buckle. I went througgh tons of books and could not find this style new. The guy at the scuba place said they don't make this style anymore. and for the "closest looking" buckle it was $21.00 just for the buckle.

I figure $40.00 shipped in the U.S.
First come/ first serve.
He also had a us diver "small" spear gun. Is that the corect Bespin side arm?

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tk0000 wrote:

...He also had a us diver "small" spear gun. Is that the corect Bespin side arm?


Try to get a pic of the spear gun up, it'd be worth a look. The "Bespin" sidearm was a Nemrod (not used by Boba, but by the Cloud City guards).
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Just wanted to say a big public thanks to TK0000 for hooking me up with one of the harnesses with the correct buckles!!

Arrived today, and it looks awesome!

Cheers buddy!

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I think I may have stumbled across a variation on the buckle for the jet pack that Lee discovered a few months back.

TK0000 was able to acquire a scuba harness system that had the correct buckle, and, I was lucky enough to get the second one he had. I received this yesterday and compared it to all the pictures and measurements that Brak's posted.

The harness itself looked somewhat different to the one posted before, but, the buckle itself was bang on. I've measured it, size wize, it's perfect. Even says U.S. Divers on it.

Anyways, the difference I have found is on the back of the buckle.

On the one that Lee discovered, there were two cut out strips to allow for the belt to loop through the buckle. Otherwise, or so it appears in the pictures anyway, the back of the buckle is perfectly flat. Mine however seems to have an indented groove on the other side of the back of the buckle.

It's also worth noting that the cutout strips for the belt, appear to be thinner on mine, with a larger space between them.

First, here's the back of Lee's:

Now mine (sorry, I photographed it backwards compared to Lee's picture, and I'm too lazy to retake the pic :) ):


See the difference?

Does it matter? I highly doubt it. You'd never see it.

But as I say, otherwise, the buckle is a perfect match.

Thanks again to TK0000 for helping me acquire this gem.

If anyone cares, here's some other pics of the harness and buckle.




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Hey Ego as long as the front is the same the back wont matter at all. We here on TDH are the only ones who know what that looks like anyway. Nice score on the harness too. Are you gonna fit the whole thing in your JP or modify it some?
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TK-Fett wrote:

Hey Ego as long as the front is the same the back wont matter at all. We here on TDH are the only ones who know what that looks like anyway. Nice score on the harness too. Are you gonna fit the whole thing in your JP or modify it some?

I agree, the back doesn't matter squat. Was just curious if we know what the back of the buckle on the original looks like. But right now it at least appears to me that we have two "correct" variations of the buckle.

As for the harness . . . . I was hoping I could use it for the JP, but . . . I think it will be just too bulky. I might use the straps, but, that's about all I can see worth salvaging from it.
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