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Does anyone have a template for the Heiland 2-cell barrel extension for the Fett ESB blaster? I've a friend with a milling machine, I just need a template for the barrel extension. Anyone?
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I guess that would help me too., wouldn't it?
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There is actually a little debate over a Heiland vs an MPP. Some camps claim the barrel is an MPP, that includes the Parts of Star Wars. Other camps claim it is a Heiland, including a prop guy who is reknown for his research and knowledge of the ESB rifle.

I don't know jack about sabers, so I think those saber freaks would be better at indentifing a Heiland or an MPP.
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I may be able to get my hands on a Heiland Sychronar flash. I was thinking that it might work for the barrel of the ESB Fett rifle.

Thoughts? Pros/Cons?
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for those of us unfamiliar with this tube - do you have a pic available? It may be a good thing to know for many.
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I think that was once thought of as what was actually used (before the mpp claim) so yeah, it'd work. That's all I can afford to use, so that's what mine will be.
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OK, I know I took the cheap route but I used a chrome sink pipe for the barrel extension. I still need to cut the 4 little notches in it but that's just a matter of grabbing my dremel.

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I'll see if I can dig up a pic. I don't actually have the thing yet.

I think that there is some issue with the cut-outs on the sides--the Heiland has rectangular-shaped cuts, the MPP has oval-shaped cuts. I think that the MPP is supposed to be more correct.
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IMO the MPP is what was used. Fett pics from the carbon chamber where he has the gun lowered, show off the oval ports in the MPP quite well. You can pick up a HK MPP quite readily from the RPF. -Mark


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Yup, MPP no doubt. I know nothing about sabers, but I've heard the Heiland is a decent substitute if you are unable to acquire a MPP. However if you are going for accuracy, the MPP, or the HK MPP, is the way to go.
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Okay, I'm a bit confused... :)

I just got my Heiland for my ESB blaster. I'm assuming I would

Remove the twist knob-
Remove the other small knob thingie on the side...

Now what?

Paint it black and put it in the barrel?
Leave some of it sticking out, showing the holes, and also the writing on the Heiland?

Looking forward to saying Thanks!

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Well, that blaster actually uses an MPP, but Heiland is all I can afford too :) I can't justify spending $800+ on that part (yet :evil).

Which Heiland are you using? I can't recall them having "knobs." But take them off anyway.

Don't paint it black...but give it enough weathering to look scorched with some shiny metal underneath. See below:
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Thanks Max for the ref. pic.

The Heiland I got was said to be for ESB or Darth Vader's lightsaber.

There is a 10 sided "knob" on the bottom, that unscrews, like a flashlight.

On the opposite end, is a silver knurled knob ontop of a black plastic piece that is somewhat shaped like a triangle w/ curved instead of pointed ends.

Pulling this knob out doesn't really do anything, while pushing the inside of the "barrel" will cause the knob to push out, as the "diaphram" inside of the barrel goes inwards.

Does that make sense, or is it clear as mud?

The interior of the barrel is smooth for roughly 3/8", then it has a series of "lines" under it. It looks like it might be cool for the inside of a blaster.

The Heiland itself is chrome, so some painting would have to be done? Then sand some weathering...?

The barrel outside has "Heiland" in script- "extension" "shutter" "extension" in block letters.

Sure do appreciate the help!!!

Thanks! :)
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The prop was a gutted tube I believe (except for promotional photos) left pretty much alone and just stuck in the barrel. Here's an example of how it fits in (this is a Heiland 2 cell):


I might not have had it turned the right way but you get the idea.
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Ahhhh, I see it what to do! That will work fine, I'll unscrew the button thingie, and it will serve then to screw in a lanyard/hook dealie for the shoulder strap!



Thanks H-S!

take care,

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Bountys Hunted wrote:

... I'll unscrew the button thingie, and it will serve then to screw in a lanyard/hook dealie for the shoulder strap!

Hey Rex, the shoulder strap actually screws into the butt of the grip and bottom rear of the shoulder stock. :) Just so you don't go screwing where you don't need to (that sounds so bad).

Pic on the way...
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Cool info!

Okay, so just to be clear - Heiland 3-cell is for Vader's saber & the 2-cell is for Fett's blaster? Did I get that right?
I got a Heiland 2-cell flash gun recently in E-bay for $20 which includes the big round flash & some bulbs....will this do?

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