Of metal chest plates and magnets: Status: ABANDONED


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You heard it, and i know i am doing jango but it pertains to armor in general and can benefit boba makers too. I have given up the magent plan. Just too complicated. I figured it out finally that if i went with those super strong mags they would hold the armor fine yeah, but as soon as i put the vest down, they are all going to stick to each other on the inside....

Soooo my new plan that i started on this week is to JB weld small bolts to the inside of the armor plates, then punch holes in the vest and add eyelet grommets for support of the fabric.... On the inside of the vest will go a washer and a nut with some lock tight, then i will dremel off the rest of the bolt. Its going to work great and finally a strong enough method for alum armor, boy its been a pain, but i really like the idea of metal armor, at least for the chest armor...

Will post progress pics this weekend...

Hmmm.....They shouldn't stick together when you're out of the vest, because they won't come into contact with each other anyway. The armor will keep them spread out. Regardless, they would all be facing out anyway, and their respective opposite poles must face each other for them to attract. If anything, they would push away from each other I would think.

I'm not trying to talk you out of the bolt method, believe me. It's what I used. I heartily endorse it. But, I think the magnet idea is a fine one as well.

I think I still have that tutorial up, don't I? I'll check and edit here with a link if I find it.

**edit** Here it is. Hope it helps. http://www.geocities.com/emperorofmenifee/ArmorPage3.html
Thanks for the re-encouragement but these magnets have 20 lbs of hold. And they do attract on the sides. There is just too much chance of everything getting shifted around that i am aborting the plan. I have no doubts that it can be used and work great, in fact i think there are a few members out there who are still messing with it and getting places...so good luck to you, and let me see it when your done.....pics in a few hours

Perhaps you didn't click on the link? I'm not "messing" with anything of the sort. As I stated, I have used the bolts for myself many months ago, and it works great. The link shows that.
HI their.. Metal armor is my thing too .I'm going with snaps, you know like the button types, they seem to work pretty well.
I used screw posts to hold my armor on with eyelits in the vest. The screw posts have a nice rounded head as to not rip or scratch anything you dont want ripped or scratched. I actually have a picture somewhere which someody asked me to post but I never got around to it. Let me see if I can find it.
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