Odd '96 Helmet question

Muad Dib

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Hello all!

Does anybody else have a '96 DP that has a rough texture molded into it's surface?

Let me explain better:

It looks like they took a fully painted and distressed helmet and then molded it for production. I bought it at a local party store a few years ago and never thought anything of it until I found this site. I have NEVER seen another like it.
Any ideas?

Sorry, I don't have any pics of it at present


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My '96 is the same. My '95 doesn't have the texture but is exactly the same & looks like it came from the same mold. Perhaps it is wear & tear on the original mold?

Muad Dib

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Possibly wear on the mold. I never thought about that.
Is the texture on yours over the entire area of the helmet or just in spots? Mine is EVERYWHERE.

I'll try to get some pics up as soon as I borrow a Digital camera from a friend.

Muad Dib

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My freind got a new digital camera so I'm going to get a few shots of my helmet and post them this week. Maybe I can prove to all that I'm not crazy.

I just hope the detail comes out so you can see the raised weathering.