Death Watch Obi Wan in Death Watch armour


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I made the helmet from scratch.
For the armour I used the Jango Fett pattern and made some changes to match the TCW look.
For the final parts I use sintra.

C&C are welcome.



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The collar will need to be a bit different to be correct, but it looks like you're off to a good start. There are a few builds and lots of reference on the BHG forums, so I'd recommend that you take a look over there..!
Finished the helmet, but I think I have to make it again but for the first one I think it is okay...





C&C are welcome.

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I think you're using the incorrect templates. The backplate is completely off, and many of the other angles look wrong.
Eqdizzle is correct I'm afraid. Jango plates are different to DW plates. Most of it you can get away with butvshoulders are different...its essentially jango shoulders with a bit off each side as seen here...

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I agree, the Deathwatch armor is more block form. The collar plate is straight across the bottom of it.


The top pic is my armor traced from the templates of my Mercs clan, the Wolves of Mandalore and the second pic is the one I am doing. As you see the plates are very angular and blocked out.

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I have another project to finish and I had no time to work on the DW armour. I know there are a few things to change a bit to make it look correct. It should look like CW not like Jango in EP2.

Thank you for the pictures. I think I rebuild the helmet it doesnt look close enough.

I model the bracers at the moment and print the details.

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My garrison talked about this being the only costume that's 501st, Rebel Legion, and Mando. If you care about that sort of thing.
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