o.k. heres some more pictures

That dalmation you did is so life like and the house looks like its possible to move in. Seriously though it all looks really great, I love the weathering on the gauntlets and on your jumpsuit.
yeah the dalmation was easy, just painted her black, masked off where i wanted the spots, and then painted the white. it was kinda hard to weather the paws but i think i got them down pat :lol: :lol: :lol:
so i get called into work today. i was going to work on my knees, so i thought what the hey...ill just take them with me. i figured we would be slow enough in the afternoon that i could get some work on them started. we were dead to the world (i only wish i would have taken some bondo, sandpaper and primer now:lol:) anyways i slapped these puppies together inbetween cooking a few orders here and there. found the bosses tool box and was able to add a few dents. hopefully i wont get called in tomorrow but if i do ill be sure to carry everything i need this time:lol: anyways i still have some work to do to them before i start painting, but heres the progress so far


UPDATE: o.k. i didnt get called in today so i woke up early (for me) and started with the bondo, sanding, washing and a coat of primer. started around 830. by lunch time i slapped on some silver. around 230 i added some liquid mask and some cream colored paint around 6 i added more liquid mask and then some yellow took a break and went to dinner. when i got home i peeled the mask off and broke out the black (got some splatters, but im alright with that) about 10 mins. i slapped on the darts and here we are. enjoy the update guys (and gals).

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i went out and found some hair today might start braiding tonight. i am feeling a little tired after waking up at 8 today :lol:. then i need to find some boots, a vest, ammo belt, girthbelt, and cod and backplate and i think ill be set. well besides on waiting on my helmet to come in. its all coming along pretty good i must say.

worked on two of the braids only one more to go. then i have to find something to wrap around the ends. not sure what to use yet. had some twine looking stuff. didnt like the looks of it. going to my parents house tomorrow might raid my moms sewing kit and see what she has :lol: at the rate im going i think ill be ready to start on a accurate fett in 2010. :lol:

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