Not screen accurate, but


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I am finished with my DP 95 (the major parts):











Well, considering my previous painting job:

I think I have improved a lot. I use the liquid mask, which was a life saver. What do you think?

FYI, I know there are no kill marks. Havent done them yet. I still have to fill in a few holes and fix a few small things. What do you think?

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Hey hey!!! Huge improvement. I know you weren't exactly going for screen accurate with it, but dang, It really looks cool. way to go;)


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psberetta said:
Sweet !
Your damage spots really look like something hit it. Did you dremel it a little in those spots? Great job :)

not a dremel, but I used a scalpel to remove some of the paint and to scratch it up a bit.

My brother says its his favorite part of the bucket and I am beginning to agree. odd thing. I didnt take any photos of the back. that will be my next set of pics.


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one layer was for the chrome all over. the second layer was for the different shades of green on the back of the bucket. So, I primed it, chromed it and masked it. Let it dry, painted the back a darker green (didnt fuss with the yellow at all). Let it dry. Removed the old mask from the back, re-applied more mask for the different shade of green. Not too much though. Painted it the new green. let it dry, peel, dull coat.

Then I tackled the rest of the bucket. I would HIGHLY recommend doing the back forst. It is, by all accounts, including my own, the hardest part.


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That looks awesome. I just finished priming my DP95 and am waiting for it to dry (also have to wait for payday so I can buy all the paints). Hope mine turns out as good as yours did!