Noob helmet questions.


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I can't find the answers elsewhere, so please be patient and nice. :)

Hey, folks.

I don't post 'round here much... if at all! :angry But I've done a fair bit of lurking over the years, though, and I'm interested in knowing some stuff...

Now, I have read a lot of threads to try and get the answers I need but haven't got a clear answer from any of the threads, so far... hence, why I'm posting this. I guess it's an unsaid thing between Fett-heads (I know Stomtroopers and Vader) but to a guy like me, it's unclear.

1. The "mystery" helmet is from a ROTJ helmet, right?* As far as anyone knows, anyway. Even if it isn't, does it have more ROTJ attributes than ESB?

2. What would it take to mod the supposedly ROTJ lid to ESB? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

3. What are the differences between the two? In regards to the latter, is there a thread?

4. In terms of outright accuracy, not personal preference, what is the most accurate ESB Fett base lid that's available? Or has been available?

Many thanks! :D

*I'm not trying to start a flame war, but this is what I've heard.

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1. as far as mystery helmets go, if you're talking about fangs, i do believe it's lineage has been traced to pre-prod 2, so prior to esb. afaik the difference between esb and rotj is the colors used.
2 as far as modifying the bucket, that all depends on who's you get. most are small inaccuracies that can be fixed easily once you've found a good thread on the maker.
3. i don't think there is just one thread but as you look at hundreds of pictures and read up a few dozen threads you learn to spot the differences between esb and rotj colors no matter what angle you're looking at (except the inside).
4. i don't think anyone has a perfect helmet coming out of their molds yet, but they're are some that are really freakkin close. familiarize yourself with some of the makers. figure out what price range works for you, material you like, proportions, etc.

pretty much keep your eyes open, read plenty of threads, and pay attention. you'll learn your way around boba pretty quick.


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I think Terminal Fettler has the most accurate esb helmet last I knew he was offering his helmet in cold cast and regular resin. Not sure tho and you may want to ask him first. I have thread with pictures of one of his helmets if you do a search for it you can see how good they can look.

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zombie, are you about settled in yet to start up those pouches and spats?


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I feel your best bet for a ESB helmet as far as folks still offering them, and this changes daily so I could be wrong... but TF and MS are your people... meening Termanal Fettler or Marrow Sun. The TF is a tad larger then the Ms but its all on what your size is and what will look correct on you. Both come ready to go for the most part so no real mods required.