Noise Amplification System


I saw a post a while back talking about a noise aplification system so you can hear around you when your wearing your helmet. I have 2 very nice high power squirrel fans in my helmet and as much as I love them and they keep me cool and my visor fog free it's so hard to hear anything around me little alone someone talking to me.

I contacted the people who make the EAS systems for storm troopers but never heard back. I tried emailing them a few times but still nothing. So I took things into my own hands and found a solution.

I found on Amazon a hearing device used for people who are hard of hearing. It basically amplifies the ambient noise and transmits it back using a headphone cable. I thought this would be a great solution to my problem. I then took it a step further and had read a bunch of comments saying how all the wires got in the way and it was more of a pain to suit up with it than to actually use it. So I found that they make Bluetooth transmitters and receivers. They are super small (way smaller than I expected) and they can pair with any Bluetooth device.

I got both of these things from Amazon though the prices have seemed to have gone up a bit since I bought them but either way it's still a great system.

The output is in mono which is a downside. EAS system is in stereo but I figured that's more of a luxury. I just need to be able to hear something over my fans. So I got a mono to stereo plug and it works however it was a cheap one so I may try with a better quality one. It comes in and out at times which sucks. I'll see if a better quality one gives me better results.

The overall system can work directly with the Bluetooth transmitter. You plug it into the system and pair your Bluetooth earbuds and that's it. Instant audio. The audio sounds perfect when I don't use the mono to stereo adapter however it will only transmit sound into one earbud. It's crisp and sounds great. It is slightly delayed but not by much. It also comes with a detachable mic which I loved. That way you can put it anywhere you want for best audio. I will try buying a better quality mono to stereo adapter that way I have sound in both earbuds. Makes my ears feel more balanced. :lol:

Anyway here some photos I took. I hope this may help those who are looking for something similar. And I'm sure there cheaper systems out there but this is just the one I went with due to the best reviews.

IMG_6576.JPG IMG_6577.JPG IMG_6578.JPG IMG_6579.JPG IMG_6580.JPG IMG_6581.JPG IMG_6582.JPG IMG_6583.JPG IMG_6584.JPG


I tried a while back to get some bluetooth headphones for my own hearing aid kit in the helmet. But every option (headphones, transmitter/receiver) came with significant delay, and even the low latency options on the market. It makes a heavy echo which I found to be more distracting than it's worth. In the end, I got a pair of Sony headphones and removed the headband and velcroed them in place. It has the benefit of also keeping the lid centred and straight on my head rather than having it wobble.