Nobody\'s ESB Helmet, Mostly finished **Update


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Nobody's ESB Helmet, Mostly finished **Update

Hey, this is what I have been working on for the past couple of months when ever I get a few extra minutes,I just need to add the visor. Let me know what you think.





Looking good!!
Personaly, I think I would weather it some more.
I think the red needs to be toned down a bit.
I would hit it with some chalk dust and dirty it up and a little black and grey misting that is ever sooo light.

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Yeah, its really looking nice. I agree w/ everything Lynn said. Definately need to tone down the red some. probaly could use more weathering, but everything you've done so far is great. :thumbsup:
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Awesome Job!!....
I agree with all so far, More Weathering..
Question? Are you using the topical effects for your silver scratch marks, and if so what are you using?
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Thanks for the feedback, for some reason the red is way brighter in the pictures than in person. I am using the topical method, it's"Tamaya" chrome paint.
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Nobody wrote:

for some reason the red is way brighter in the pictures tan in person.

Most digital cameras have issues with representing red accurately so that is not suprising at all.
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plus when you black wash the whole helmet, everything will tone down a notch.

nice work so far!
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