No matter were I look I cant find a visor


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I was told that you could buy a plastic welding visors at lows or home depot we checked out both stores today but all we could find were small glass dark visors. Are we not looking in the right section:confused Where are you guys getting these things I cant find them in any stores.
Hey bud, if you're having that hard of a time, hit me on PM. I can get you the correct visor for about $15 bucks shipped. Could be a little more or a little less depending on how their prices are now. I use a local welding shop where I live, they usually have them in stock. Shade 5 Dark Green.

I have only got 7 bucks to spend right now I would have to wait another two weeks of alowence for 15.

Since my helmet is a costom I can use any dark colour visor.

Also how is the vision in those visors the temparary visor I have right now is 2 litter coke bottle plastice lightly coated with sharpie magnum it has ok vison but I will need the best. I am assuming that the welding visors have better vison than the one I am using now
hears the helm I am working with as you can see the visor colour isnt important I would like the lightest one possable I just need it dark enough that ppl cant see in it.

I found mine at my favorite pawn shop, but I work at True Value, and they carry clear faceshields that are pretty flexable, and you could probably tint it with auto window tint.:)
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