Newbie-wanting to start on Boba Fett for 501st


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So I’m new to this and am looking into putting together the Return of the Jedi Boba Fett. Looking to join the 501st in the future.
Are there any sites recommended for getting kits for the helmet, armor, etc.?
Where should I start?
I’ve been looking at what is required on 501st, but unsure where to begin.
Thanks in advance!


You're in the right place. You can find everything here on the forums. Avoid places like Ebay, Etsy, etc. There are a lot of sellers to check out here- Wasted Fett is a big one these days for helmets, armor and gaunts. Darth Voorhees does ROTJ helmets, gaunts, and jetpacks. You also have the new Imperial Outpost Armory that sells just about everything besides the helmet and soft parts. For soft parts, definitely check out Arkady. There are a lot more sellers than these that I'm sure others could chime in with, but you get the gist.

Good luck on the costume! It's no easy feat, but in the end it's worth it to be one of the most badass characters guaranteed to become a hit at every troop.


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Hello there. probably introducing yourself as a new member may help as that seems to be the normal thing on here as that way hopefully the other helpful members will get wind of your posts.
But everything Evan1701 has mentioned is the way forward. Although things can be found on ebay, as there are still a few honest sellers that sell some decent stuff, it's at your own risk to take the gamble. Be aware that some things on ebay will not comply with the 501st specifications, so you will pay out for stuff that looks good but won't pass the grade. Personally, I have worked on a build from scratch myself, as prices can be high, but saying that, you pay for quality and honesty from the members that are all on this site. These are a good bunch of souls and can be trusted. Welcome to Fettaterian Madness!! Good luck with your build.o_O


Animefan also makes some good quality helmets and armor. Also it cannot be stressed enough to research sellers from other sites on here. Odds are someone has bought from a seller on ebay, etsy, etc already and will have insight on the quality. Also if you intend to do the painting and some of the build work yourself make sure you reference the photos in the gallery for accuracy instead of referencing others work. You have come to the right place for Fett stuff though so take your time and do plenty of research while you're here. Welcome aboard.


A second and third everything the previous members have said. You are absolutely in the right place. The vendors mentioned above will get you going and starting a WIP for yourself will be a good place to House everything you inside of. All your questions and stuff can go on it and all the members can go in and help you out in different ways.

Something I’ll add though. Fett is a journey. Fett might be one of the most costly and most intricate of all the costumes in the 501st legion. To do him correctly you need to take time and make your decisions carefully. Pace yourself. I see a lot of new members myself included back about a year and a half ago that jumped on here and wanted to start buying everything that everyone was selling and that’s a mistake. Come to terms now with the fact that this build will be a long one but a highly rewarding one. I’ve got 5 501st costumes and once I built Fett I’ve not looked back. Just don’t get overwhelmed and keep talking to the awesome people here. They will help encourage you and get you where you need to be.
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My advice to you would be to look around here for at least two months before you buy a single thing. I perused this site for about 3 weeks and started buying things off of eBay... and everything I bought had to be either tossed or redone. If you have your sights set on 501st, it will need to be done correctly or you won't be approved. And Boba Fett is expensive.

Pretty much everything I bought for my suit that I ended up keeping came off of Cargo Hold. You can't advertise on Cargo Hold without 50 posts, but feel free to PM the vendors on Cargo Hold. Almost all of the vendors who post here put out quality products. Avoid eBay. As a rule of thumb, anyone who advertises something as "501st Approved" is not. 501st does not approve individual props, only the suits as a whole and there are only a couple of vendors who make entire suits. The fun of this hobby actually is piecing together the different parts of the suit.

When you are buying something, you will become an expert on what makes the part accurate, which you will then probably forget at a later date. But that is part of the joy. Have fun. It will take a while, but is very rewarding when you are 99% done (I don't know anyone who is 100% complete on their suit).


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I agree whole heartedly with clmayfield ! and also Ghost_fett. Rushing out to buy everything will only leave you out of pocket and as for getting overwhelmed, I started to see boba fett bits in everything from car parts to trash cans and then while making my own armour that's when things really got interesting !
My cod piece went wonky, my chest plates where not straight,
my range finders lights always came on too late,
as for my soft parts I really should not mention,
bits of me started to turn blue with all the almighty tension,
after building this work of art I really should of been smiling instead of wearing and deep frown,
what with all of my rushing I realised while wearing all this armour I would never again be able to sit down !.

Enjoy the journey rather than rushing blindly to the destination o_O
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Welcome! you are def in the right place!

As stated previously, there are a few makers here on TDH
Wasted Fett does fiberglass Helmets and Jetpacks, Vac formed Gauntlets, and Armor.

Major (Imperial outpost Armory) Does Vac formed Armor and gauntlets and also has a resin top option for the gauntlets.

Animefan Does fiberglass helmets, Fiberglass gauntlets and Vac formed Armor.

ManofWarStudios he does resin gauntlets and jetpacks. He also does some soft parts.

DVH (myself) I do fiberglass helmets and Jetpacks. And am currently doing full fiberglass gauntlets.

You should be able to fina all your looking for from these makers hard part wise.

Soft parts id recommend Arkady, also here on TDH.
ManofWar was doing boots but i think he is stopping and only has a few sizes left. now does Fett boots that look very good.

If you need any help there are many members here that can help you out, including myself, feel free to Pm anytime, always willing to help anyone out!

Good luck and have fun!