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Well im Neil from the uk and sort of a newbie and a member to ukRPB & for over a year now and some people here might reconise me hopefully, ive just finished my first costume - Biker Scout and im on my next project.

You can see my finished Scout pic on the link below:

I have alot of skill in using AutoCAD, decals and making templates so if there anything i can do for you drop me a email

Ive been wanting to be a Fett for a while but due to $$ ££ I can only do one project at a time :(

so now I can start me new Boba Fett Helmet project.

Ive been here a few time times over the last year and now need some help.

I need help on how to paint a Boba DP helmet in the same colurs from ROTJ is there any tutorails on the web that i can use?


Hi Guys & Gals

Firstly Cheers the the heads up on what colours,

here some pics of the 97 Don post Helmet which im repainting which i bought it from a fellow UKRPB member in the uk

The inside of the helmet was already reinforced to stop the flaring of the cheeks.

Heres some pics of the helmet which has been cleaned up a given its first coat of primer and a new visor

I noticed last nite looking thro my SW Fact File that boba visor was more angular as shown on the below image (shown in red)

Do i need to cut some excess materail away from the visor?.

Also the front arrows < > do they need light red and green lights?


I think that the angled visor top that you are worried about could be fixed by heating the helmet a tad and bending it. If you do.... fix the straightness of the bottom part of the T too. Looks like you're on your way though :)
what kind of metal bracket did you use there at the bottom of the helmet?

ON a seperate helmet has warped a bit in the back from sitting on the display shelf. Would a heat gun soften it up enough to reshape it? I usually put it in the hot car for an hour or so but it's not the right time of year for that.

Hey UK. If your helm is anything like my 96 was, it should be very flexible/flimsy w/out a visor in it! What happens if you just apply some outward pressure on the cheek areas? Pretend like your trying to add some extra ESB flare, does the verticle portion of your main T become more strait, and your sqint angle increase? Dont be afraid of applying some pressure here & there & get a little forcefull w/ it. Then install your visor once you have a better shape. Hope that helps a bit.
Yup, get rid of the bottom brace thing, pull the cheeks back to where they are supposed to be, and you will fix both the flare and the squint problems. After you mount the visor, you shouldn't need the brace.
Hi, and welcome to TDH. I agree with my fellow fett's, do not cut anything. Take the lens apart and heat and reshape the helmet, good luck.

well i did the reheating the helmet and fixed the position i wanted but keeps going back to the original shape gggggggggrrrr...... so i might have to cut away and the T bit to give its slope effect

more pics coming soon


I put the helmet above the gas fire at home and let the war/hot air, warm the lid up then moulded it into shape and put it into a bath of cold water and it worked

Also over the weekend i was able to find one matt spray paint, and went to several model shops, halfords etc....

this pic show the first coat of dark matt green and my first attempt on the scratches. The visour replacement has been temp fixed in.


got some better pics of the orginal helmet used in ROTJ and will be doing that paint scheme for this helmet.

Does anyone know where i can get some spray paints etc.. online to match the correct colours?

Its not perfect but im supprised how much you pick up when making/painting and mods this tpye of helmet, anyway im having fun doing it.:)


Hi ukscout,
what green did you use for the dome, I know its a nightmare getting accurate colours in the UK, I found peugeot tartan green from halfords pretty close for rotj armor, not tried it on the lid yet.
Keep us posted with your finds :D

hi fett uk

i got this from a local model shop where i live for £7 for a 400ml can.

the colour is Matt Dark Green and supplied/produced by flair spectrum paint for model finishing, thats about it.
If you need a can of it I can get another if needed, if so email me.


you can heat your helmet by running it under really hot water and shaping it. after you get the flare you want, you will have to reinforce it some how to keep the shape. even the 97 's look sharp after their reshaped.
fett-uk heres a link to my scout costume

I did the heating up and remoulding but over the week the DP helmet gone back to orignal shape gggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrr..... so ill have to reinforce it.

heres an updated pic after i put the red on the helmet, I now its a bit bright but it will be darken down when i get some or spray paints, inks and more GW paints also


I used electrical tape on the helmet to do the chipped paint effect, i found if you pulled it tight when applying to the helmet then used a pen to draw on the areas where i wanted to leave on
Then i cut around the areas i marked on in pen, the tape broke away from these areas after cutting making it easy to pull the tape off and leaving the taped areas on.


Hey Scout. Helmet is coming on.

Re: shaping, I have a 97DP that had a completely flat head and an inverted flare. A few minutes blowing a hairdrier inside (keep it moving round to avoid overheating one spot), then stick a towel on your head and jam the bucket on tight. Pull it down hard and out slightly to get the required flare. Do it in a mirror so you can see what's going on. I got quite good results and the shape held, although mt stock visor is still in at the mo. I'll rip that out soon.

Re: colours, I have found a fair few close colours in Halfords, Like Fett-UK. They are gloss, so will require a light sanding to dull them down, but you get a great choice of colours. The colour your using loks pretty close!

Keep posting updates. Hope the above is helpful.

hi all

well got the next coat of paint on at last as ive had trouble getting the correct green colour in Devon as not meny model shops do it in matt only in gloss ggggrrrrr....

But i managed to get this green from my local Games Workshop:D
heres some new pics

Its not moive accruate but im picking up new painting methods along the way.

not bad. must suck to live in the UK, cuz of paints and all, but it looks like you're making the best of the situation

looks good
I like that green, it's definitely one of closer ones I've seen, very nice :)

The red may be a little too bright, but the weathering looks like a great start.

I can't talk, my first helmet was blue lol... Then we learn about lighting effects and stuff...

Looking great, really like that green,

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