Newbie from Spain - 501st approved Boba fett Rotj

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Gory, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. Gory

    Gory Jr Member

    Hi everyone in there,

    More than a year ago I started learning lots of things in this forum, but at last I decided to start my costumes with a Stormtrooper ANH. After a year trooping with 501st...I'm still thinking on my beloved Boba Fett Costume, so here I am again learning and asking all i can, just for trying to have a great costume!!

    I have to thank all the people for the (lots) of posts (yes, even the old ones talking about ESB vs ROTJ :$) and I hope in the future I will be able to help you also! (right now, i still know more from stormtroopers than from Boba!)
  2. Mullreel

    Mullreel Well-Known Member

    Well I have a Jango Fett and a Boba Fett but my stormtrooper is still untrimmed in the box.

    Welcome to the forums. The Fetts are a blast to troop.
  3. Greedo10360

    Greedo10360 New Member

    Hello and welcome. I have a TK and a biker scout and thought the same thing about it being time for a Boba. Going to take a long time, but the journey is part of the fun.
  4. WhateverItTakes

    WhateverItTakes New Member

    Welcome Gory! Nice to see you here. Get ready to learn a lot and to spend even more, haha.

    Cheers dude.
  5. Fetterling

    Fetterling Jr Member

    Welcome to the forum. Good luck on your Boba. If I may ask, how much time and cost does a storm trooper cost? I'm thinking of one after my Boba kit is done.
  6. Gory

    Gory Jr Member

    Thanks to all for the welcome!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Great question. As it happens with boba, you can spend what you want!! basics are around 1200-1400€. Hard to have a good new costume for less. Another options is find a second-hand. If you have no hurries, look for ATA costume. It's a DIY, but affordable. Anyway, if you want more info, send me a PM. You also have whitearmor forums.
  7. Gory

    Gory Jr Member

    Hi again to everyone,

    I Just wanted to thank to all the helping people of this forum. Thanks to your (lots!) of posts, I have finally finished my ROTJ, and been accepted by the spanish garrison. For sure this sould have been impossible, so THANKS AND MAY THE MANDALORIAN FORCE BE WITH YOU! (y)(y)
  8. Gory

    Gory Jr Member

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