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Hey everyone.. another newb here. I know some of you from the predator forums. I've decieded to take a break from the predators and start a custom female mando suit. I just did a drawing that I'm gonna go with. I have a few questions...

What kind of armor do you guys like to make/ wear and whats most comfortable?
What did most of you start with- armor- bucket-?



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I started with crappy ebay armor, bad idea. I'm going to be gettin a trashcan to cut out the armor I've designed just to see how it'll fit and look, not to wear. After that's done I'm going with ABS. But most people just use Sintra and start with their armor. I'd love to see the design you drew.

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Welcome to TDH! You will find priceless infomation on this site and meet some wonderful people on here. There is always room for another femandalorian. You should try and see if you can scan and upload your drawing so we can get an idea of what goal you want to work towards.

I have yet to really work with any armor yet so I cant help you in that department except by saying that TDH has a great selection of top notch armor makers. Though you could also go the route that many other choose and make your own armor out of sintra, metal,fiberglass, and many other materials.

Helmets are the same way. I have only currently worked with a Rubies Jango, and a Sgt Fang Boba. The Rubies is fine if you are on a budget and it is rather easy to work with. I personally don't like them because the scale/size of the helmet always seems to be on the small size. The Sgt. Fang was easy to clean up as well and was not expensive at all. Fettpride is also selling a few of his Jango helmets at the moment in the cargo hold as well.


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Thanks for the info so far! I did this drawing and then did a quick coloring in photoshop so its not the greatest but you get the idea. There will be more details on the armor and everything else when I start. My helmet is a little diferent. Its open on the sides and partially on the top so my face and hair will show. I should probably do another drawing because it kind of hard to tell how the helmet will look.


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That's an interesting design; very Durge-like, yet still Mandalorian. I like the Mando symbol as the actual chest armor; it's unique, and awesome. The missing parts of the helmet are pretty cool, too; it reminds me a lot of the Jason hockey mask.

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Hi Mel, glad to see you around!!! ~Andy

Cool concept art. Are you going to have a blond wig with this outfit or did you dye your hair out? :lol: Can't wait to see what kind of custom Mandalorian chest plate you come up with. Are you going to use the Foamies as the base like normal?


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Hey Andy! I shoulda know you were here.

Im not sure about the hair and skin color yet. I may do white skin and some other color hair- I haven't decided yet. :) I may use foamies or minicell to make the armor and them mold them to make resin pieces.

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Welcome to TDH, Mel!

I've talked to you a couple a couple of times over on the predator forums. Glad to know you're switching over ;)
sweeet concept. you don;t even need a helmet! i sugest maken your own.

armro is awsome to, i would suggest if you re-draw it that the armor peices are more seeable. The sholder peices i don't understand, like how they would attach and such.

looks like a fun project and welcome to the forums


hey Mel glad to see that you have made your way over here... I have chated with you a few times over there at the predator forums as well.

just to let every one know here we are in for a big treat with mel doing a custom fem mando... her preds are the most kick Butt Costumes that I have seen in a long time.

hey mel you should post the one pic with you in your Queen chokeing out boba... I think that will be a great intro pic for ya here HEHE:lol:


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Welcome to TDH. I saw your superheroine artwork over at BOTB, very impressive.

Your armor concept is very interesting and eye catching. I wish you the best of luck.


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Thanks for the warm welcom everyone! I didnt realize how many of you I new from the pred forums.

I will probably make my own helmet since it needs to fit the shape of my head really well. Marx- I didnt do any detailing on the armor in the drawing because it will look like Bobas armor for the most part.

Here's that picShadow was talking about. It was taken at the FX show in 2006. Boba Fett asked me to choke him for the pic.



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A female Pred? Never seen one of those before. If they were in any of the movies then I must be blind! Greet looking Pred costume by the way, top notch!:cheers