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As you may have read in the Announcements Forum - I'm the new Zam moderator here on The Dented Helmet Boards.

First I want to thank everyone who has helped me along the "Zam" path. :) I appreciate all the help and encouragement I have received from so many on this board. (y) I hope that we can make and keep this forum as useful and friendly for everyone who visits.

Second - I wanted to say that all of you Zammers should feel free to contact me with any comments or questions about the Zam Forum. If there is ever a problem or an issue with another person on the boards, please contact me before the situation turns ugly and I have to pull out my blaster... :lol: You can PM me here at TDH or email me directly through my online information.

Third - I will be doing some "housekeeping" of the Zam Forum. There are a few threads I think should be at the top of the list ( "stickied" ) and perhaps a few that should go the way of the dodo bird... And some that just need to be tidied up. Nothing drastic will be undertaken immediately and this will be an ongoing project.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped make the Zam Forum such a terrific place to visit and learn about making the best bounty hunter costume out there! :D :zam
sweet...a topic overhaul...have fun with that one...ive been involved over at 501neg as a moderator and that is the longest most time consuming part of the job!

nice to have you in the position...
Oh no...

He he. Good on you pet. Hope you know what you've let yourself in for. Most mods I know are usually flat out.

Hope you enjoy it and well done :)
Not my first time being a mod ... So yeah... I know what I'm in for! ;)

It's just gonna take me time to figure out the "mechanics" of this board. Very different from what I'm used to! Hope I don't delete the whole blasted thing eh? :lol: :lol:
Congratulations!!! I am assuming my egging you to be a mod worked! :lol: Thanks for helping to clean up. I just didn't have time to fix every link. And I know I have left quite a messy. Sorry chicky. Congratulations and THANK YOU ahead of time ;)
Congrats (I guess) and thanks for being willing to take on this job, which benefits all the rest of us!

Muchas gracias to our 'outgoing' moderator, also. Those of us who just enjoy the forums tend to forget how much work goes on 'behind the scenes', but anyone who does the job deserves more recognition than I'm sure you ever get.
Thanks... now I just have to do the hard work! ;) Figure out how to sort and shift...

Shaak Ti - Hope you do come back to start your Zam. It is an awesome costume as some of our members have shown with their finished work!
Congrats Maulmaus! I should go resurrect a bunch of dead threads now, right? And then accuse people of being mean to me when they accuse me of trolling?

Also, I'm only 10 yrs old gimme a break plz guys k thx o were do i find a zam what does it look like? can i make a zam out of linoleeum for 20 bux i r poor but want the awesomez costumez like u guyz has. wanna by a gantlet i make it myself out of beeds and tIN FOIL AND cardboard but it looks like really realistic i dont got pix but theyll be $988 plus shippings plz by from meeeeeeee also how does i make the leather skirt and pants i don't no how

Oh, wait, I forgot to whine enough and use sufficient internet lingo ;) Good luck, Babe. Have fun!
AAArrrggghh!!!!!! Okay Iceheart... guess you're the first one I get to Ban eh? :D Has to be one in every group... ;)

Thanks GCNgamer128 - I promise not to whine about Indy vs. LA anymore! ;) I'm all for having C5 in Vegas! :D
Geez I'm out of it for a little while and everyone has dilusions of grandeur...........
... oh wait yeah.. ;)

Congrats !!!! :)
Yeah.. I was gonna do my Sidious impression of "Unlimited Power!!!!" and throw around some Sith lightening... but thought that might be over-doing it just a bit! ;) :lol: :lol:

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