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This past year, Mojo Fett (Gav) and BobbyFettUK (Rob) set out to make the most accurate Fett rocket pack harness, and they totally succeeded in doing just that.
It was by far, the most accurate harness endeavor that has ever been attempted. A small run was initiated and that harness was shared with members of TDH.
I even purchased one myself.
Just for ease of discussion, lets refer to this harness as the V1 harness.

However, very shortly after the V1 harness run was completed, some new fantastic harness reference was made available.
This was both fantastic news and gut wrenching news all at the same time.
It was fantastic because it provided in clear crisp detail exactly what the harness should look like, and make it possible to get an accurate scaling of the harness for the first time ever.
It was gut wrenching because it pointed out some flaws of the V1 that was just recently completed. Flaws like improper scale, proportions, and some incorrect construction details.

The V1 harness was made as well as it possibly could have been based on the limited reference available at the time. And for what Gav and Rob had to work with, they did beyond a fabulous job.
Although the V1 harness that they had just finished is still an amazing functional piece, it does meet the standards for those wanting an ultimate screen accurate harness.
And that really sucks for those people (including myself) who had just invested in the V1 harness so recently. And especially for Gav and Rob who had invested an incredible amount of time and effort to see that project come alive and brought to completion.
But it was unavoidable. And outside of Gav and Rob having a crystal ball to see the future, there was nothing they could have done differently.

So with new awesome reference in hand, I took it upon myself to bring my skill set to the table and re-scale the harness using some of the known measurements of objects seen in the photo, and created a brand new drawing.
One in which I have the utmost confidence in. Checked it once, twice, three, and four times. Maybe five. : )

I approached Gav and Rob and asked them if they would be interested in doing another run based on my dimensions and they agreed.
Although there were issues with the dimensions/proportions of the V1 harness, the actual construction of it was top shelf. Gav, Rob, and the fabrication shop they used had done one hell of a job in my opinion.
I knew that combining my new V2 harness drawing with what Gav and Rob had accomplished with the V1, would provide us accuracy fans with the best shot possible for an ultimate replica.
I spoke directly with Gav and Rob individually where we discussed this new drawing in-depth, discovered some new details together, and sorted out the particulars.

There is nothing worse than having to invest in upgrading replicas as I'm sure many of you will agree. It's always better (and cheaper) to get it right the first time whenever possible.
But when it comes to creating replicas, you can only do the best job possible with the reference you have available at the time. That's just the nature of the hobby and the burden that the accuracy conscious have to bear.
That being said, having this new reference, I believe that this V2 harness will be the last harness that will ever need to be made to completely satisfy the hardcore accuracy nuts like myself.

There are a couple of other options out there as far as harnesses are concerned (including the V1 that some of you already have).
One recent option I've seen out there sacrifices accuracy, but is totally functional and geared for the budget conscious.
And the V1 is still completely functional, and is the second most accurate harness out there next to the V2.
In my opinion, alternate options are always a good thing, and I want to stress that we do not view anyone else's harness projects as any type of negative competition.

This V2 harness run is specifically geared for those Fett builders where accuracy is the most important factor, and who will never have to worry about upgrading ever again.

Here is a small description of our roles regarding this project:

My role was to provide the drawing with accurate dimensions of the harness, strapping, and strapping hardware, and provide general assistance with any manufacturing decision making.
Some of you may or may not be familiar with my work. Those that do, know that I regard screen accuracy as the most important factor in creating a replica. And the projects I choose to work on are almost never available to the general public.
This will be one of those rare occasions where a project I'm involved in will be made available to ANYONE who is interested in Fett accuracy.
I also wanted to point out that outside of getting a harness for myself, I am not making any money off of this run.
Most of the leg work will be performed via Gav and Rob, and because of that, I believe they are the ones deserving to benefit from it.

Mojo Fett (Gav)
Gav's role was to take my drawing, and from that create the breakdown CAD drawings that would be used by the fabrication shop for various jigs and assembly.
He will also share with Rob the role of liaison to the fabrication shop to oversee production and quality control.
Gav will also be the one who will handle all the financial aspects of the project including managing the sign up list.

BobbyFettUK (Rob)
Rob's role is to assist in creating/sewing the harness hardware and strapping. Many of you have already seen Rob's work in this area and can attest to it's quality.
Rob will also share with Gav the role of liaison to the fabrication shop to oversee production and quality control.

The harness drawing has already been sent to the fabrication shop and is just getting underway.
I'll let Gav take over from here and make a post with a sign up list, and misc. details including cost and payment arrangements.
I'm sure BFUK will chime in as well.

And with that, I give the mic to Gav and Rob.


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I think Gino has it pretty covered...
With his new information I have redrawn the plans and manufacture is under way for a small handful of harnesses (Mine Included) so if anyone is wanting to purchase this new V2 harness I will not be increasing the costs for these and will still be available fully finished at $300 shipped! The only thing we do not include is the belt buckle.. as many of you either have the real thing or one of Geoff's (FullmetalFetts) replicas. (y)

So if you are interested in a harness just let me know either by PM or on here?
PP addy is as always -

I will post on here with updates and pictures of the progress...:D

1. Gino - ESB
2. kbrosseau - ESB
3. Jamesbond007 - ESB
4. Grifter - ESB
5. Ponte -
8. Lufo1138 - ESB
7. Art - ROTJ
8. Peregrinus - SuperTrooper
9. GBH - ESB
10. mbmcfarland -
11. Cr4nky -
12. Morten - ROTJ
13. FullMetalFett - ESB & SuperTrooper
14. Mojo - ESB
16. Heatshock -
17. CaptainSolo - ESB Large 4-Bar
18. Slave1pilot -
19. FettFanatic - ESB
20. Madmartigan - ESB
21. SlabFett
22. Mando1904 - ESB
23. Subartic - ESB
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"...some new fantastic harness reference was made available.
This was both fantastic news and gut wrenching news all at the same time.
It was fantastic because it provided in clear crisp detail exactly what the harness should look like, and make it possible to get an accurate scaling of the harness for the first time ever."

Wow! What is this new material? Photos, drawings, sources? Can we see it, too?



Wow! What is this new material? Photos, drawings, sources? Can we see it, too?

Agreed! Not only would it be nice to see the new reference material just for the educational and wow factor, but it would also be nice to eventually see exactly what the differences between V1 and V2 are in context with the new references so those of us who already got a V1 can make an informed decision about the additional costs. Seeing as it is a piece that is in large part not a visible part of the costume, being able to understand how the scale corrections and other bits affect the visible parts of the costume would be significant and very helpful. Many thanks.


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Unfortunately, the reference material is not allowed to be posted on this site.

Here is what I can tell you. The main difference is the scale. The V1 is quite a bit under sized. And of course that also effects the strapping, and the strapping hardware all the way down the line.
Other differences have to do with proportions, placement, component details, and some other construction differences.
From a functionality standpoint, the V1 is just as functional as the V2 will be. And of course, it is all underneath the backplate.
However, the aspects that you will be able to visibly see on the outside of the armor will be the new correctly sized strapping and strapping hardware.

Like I said in the first post, this run is specifically for those who want a harness as close to the real thing as possible. Even if the functionality will not really be affected, some still want a more screen accurate version regardless.

I don't know if there will be an opportunity to post any side by side comparison pics of a V1 and V2 before the entire run is completed so I realize this is sort of a leap of faith. Although that still might be a possibility, I just don't know for sure.
I think at some point (even if it is after the run is completed) a comparison between the V1, V2, and the original would be a great idea, otherwise how else would you know just how accurate it is. The only downside to that is once the run is done, that's it.
And it will be very obvious at how much difference there is between the V1 and V2, even without us pointing anything out.

We are moving forward with this new project for ourselves and a few friends regardless of how many additional people want to sign up.
We just thought it would be cool to offer it up to you guys as well.

If you guys have any other questions, feel free to ask here in this thread, or pm me, Gav, or Rob (as long as they aren't questions asking about specific measurements of course). :)

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Quick question...

I have a V1 harness, and am currently having Bobamaker sew large button holes and bottom cutouts as per the movie flak vest given the measurements of the V1 harness (I sent it to him via mail). My question is, are the measurements going to be SO off from the V1 that the white Jet Pack straps wont correctly go through the flak-vest holes on the top? Or will this not be a problem?


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The measurements are quite different. But it shouldn't have any bearing on that. Except that the straps will now be different widths than what the V1 used.


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I have been on the list for awhile now but here is my official sign on anyway.
This harness is going to be great. I simply cant wait to see it and I will echo what others have said; this should be the last harness you will ever need as far as accuracy goes.


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Hey Gino, Please add me... Anything with your stamp on it I want. ;)

Great collaboration guys, should be top notch.

Let me know if I can help in any way.
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Please keep this thread on target and focused on the harness replica put together by Gav and Gino.

Bobby Fett UK

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OK, I have been into the shop today with the final drawings and the lead time is 4 weeks. I will then need a little time to finish and sew the webbing onto the rig. I have some samples of vintage webbing due anytime and will update as and when they come in. As soon as I can I will get a prototype harness photo up and a shot to compare to the original harness we made last year.

As I have not yet posted in the thread, I just wanted to say that this project really should not be happening. I was and still am totally satisfied that the first harness does the job excellently and is a very very faithful replica to the original screen used prop. However, as Gino has stated, a very short time after the harness was complete some new photos were made available. It is a shame that the situation prevents them being posted directly on this site or that a link can not be posted, but that has its own story, and too much water has flown under the bridge for this to change any time soon. That is not to say I am very happy and thankful that the photos are available at all, I am, and all credit to those responsible for making it happen (y) This has allowed for the harness to be scrutinized in a way that had been previously out of the question. The new photos when studied by a member with a reputation for replicating the smallest detail (Gino :D) and compared with what had been produced, brought about a proposal from Gino to produce an even more accurate harness.

I was unsure of the need for this, I still am, but what with the new information, the design tweeks and the positive interest, a run has now been started. This I am sure will be the last I will be involved with of these harness, due to the level of accurate detail, the work involved in making it happen and the time restraints due to my ever growing family (my second lad is due in 3 weeks today:wacko) So you see, it really should not be happening (y)