New Target Boba Fett helmet released


Jr Hunter
I know how much you guys hate mass produced products (i.e. Hasbro, Rubies) but this new helmet they released looks like it has more potential than the old hasbro one. Visor and cheeks are alright. Best part is, it's $30. I haven't gotten my hands on one yet, it only came out 2 hours ago.

What are your thoughts on it?

Also, they released a SW7 stormtrooper helmet, also $30.

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Jr Hunter
That is not to bad, I think with a good paint job maybe a couple of tweeks it would be perfect for the everyday Fett..
Exactly what I was thinking. I'm thinking of doing a custom Mando but I want to use the same undersuit as my Boba, so I need a new helmet. I'd rather get this and spend 20 reinforcing it than shell out $250!

I am broke lol

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someone brother can take one for me? i can pay with paypal and i can pay the bother and the shipping


Jr Hunter
It looks a bit over sized to me. But $30 dollars it looks worth it. I will have to run to target and really get a good look at.


New Hunter
I was just looking at it online about an hour ago lol and saw this thread. I think it looks decent for 30 bucks. Shape is decent. I'm curious as to the quality of the material though.
Saw one in person today, I would say close in size to the old Asok helmet I had. I like it personally. For $30 it is the best mass market helmet I have seen. Also feels more like vacuform rather than resin pull like the older DP or Rubies.