New Spray Paint-- Thoughts??


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Hey, I was just wondering if anyone had seen or heard about the new Krylon Fusion spraypaint??

No sanding or priming-- "the first of its kind that bonds directly to most plastics."

(The list of recommended surfaces actually goes on but I just wanted to know if anyone has had a chance to use this stuff or has recently picked up a can.)

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hrm... i didn't think the fusion was particularly new.

i haven't used that brand, but i use the rustoleum version all the time, and it works out nicely.

one BIG word of caution. the solvents in the paint for plastic stuff can do nasty things to any other paint you may have on the item.

i had painted something with one color, masked off an area then layed some of rustoleum's version of fusion over it and it caused the paint underneath to peel up on me.
i wouldnt use it for the fett stuff, that stuff was made primarily for painting of plastic lawn chairs and what not.I haven't used it but I have seen things it was used on and its allmost like an epoxy paint. You lose a lot of detail with it.
My first attempt at armor.
This was made from a plastic trash can. Base primer of Rustoleum Dark gray then Rustoleum Bright aluminum. The white paint is Kryoln Fusion dover white with Krylon Matt clear as the finish coat.
I let one coat of paint dry 2-3 days and then would spray the next.

These are thumbnail pics. Click on them to see full sized image.

The second pic shows my fiberglass armor painted the same way.
It has proved to be a reasonably durable finish so far.
I used Krylon Fusion Black on my TIE helmet and armor recently ... worked like a charm, but you have to let it sit for about a week between coats !


I think Krylon makes great paint and I really like the Fusion. It sticks well and gives a high shine. I spray a light coat onto rubber and it flexes without cracking.

Fusion is good stuff.
I've been using the Fusion gloss white for a while on different projects but I've settled on the regular Krylon paints and have no complaints about them at all thus far.

I used the Fusion paint of my earliest sets of elven armor. Worked great until the pieces flexed, at which point the paint would crack and flake off. Since my early sets were made of polypropylene, which nothing sticks well to, it was the material's fault, not the paint. I've had good results with it otherwise.
Yeah Krylon Fusion seems to be a fairly common paint now although it seems that they don't have a large range of colors to choose from, pretty much the basics.

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