New Sheriff In Town

Bern Hoda

New Hunter
New to the forum, but have been checking in periodically. The Mando Commando Custom is finally complete. Purchased the kit from Bardley Fett about 5 yrs ago. Im glad Open Seasons came out.









I like this one alot. Really nice. There's only 2 things I have small issues with; I'm not fond of the red hand on the helmet and the visor makes the mandibles flare at the bottom. Two little bits that are totally a personal style thing. Overall its great though. Variety is the spice of life!

Thanks for all the comps. Wanted to keep it simple. The wild west was the inspiration for the duster. Same with the reverse leg side arm. As for the hand print, that is reminiscent of war paint on American Indian horses. Thanks again.
Just a thought but I'd sugest blocking the hole for the ammo clip on the rifle, that'll make it look less like a contemporary rifle and more star wars as even the sterlings they used on the films had the mags replaced and blocked off.
Looks really good!! The trechcoat does make you look like the oldey type police detectives in films...all you need now is a star! Looks damnd good tho!!!!
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