New Pictures !!

Really nice pics BTW. BM, I'm Sorry I fell out of touch with you last year. I really wanted some of your stuff, but I should've known better then to bother you with Halloween around the corner. Saving up for that new :jet pack though . Just waiting for the word when you'll start selling those bad boys. This time I'll get the jump on Skeleton Jack :lol:. C
Hey guys.. a nebie from UK. can any of you guys help with ESB gauntlet templates? :D

Welcome aboard. Just check out the "search" facility, you'll need to look for a member 'wizard of flight' he's produced all the templates and I'm sure will gladly help you out.

Hey Daz.. long time no hear? it's Gav.. I've looked through and have even emailed Alan tonight and he says he is getting back into the Fett groove so templates will follow soon I hope...:D
This is a different jet pack than the celebration one. This one is a LOT cleaner and doesn't have the same character as the one in CIV. The question is, which one is the hero ?
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