New pictures Ultimate ESB Boba Fett helmet

Hi everyone!

I am so exited to tell you this. Here we go...

I am the new owner of the famous MSH Boba Fett
helmet that Fett Pride him self had on his own
life size Boba Fett statue and for his suit.
And Fett pride did the outstanding paintjob
and all the modifying for a long time I heard,
as well as the creation of the helmet it self with
help from Natty15, also a great talent!

He is one talented TDH and RPF member and the
job he had put into this helmet is oustanding.
This is the best replica you could ever have
I think from the Star Wars trilogy.

This is all thanks to our very own RPF member
Well pade killer. He told me about the helmet,
and I became very interested.
But before I knew it was for sale, he told me
that there where many offers already for it,
from members here and I gave him the offer he
couldn´t refuse.

Once again, I want to thank Fett Pride for an
fantastic replica as well as Well Pade kille for
letting me buy it and for all the help with
the shipping. Thanks!

Here are some new pictures!





That is by far one of the best ESB helmets I've seen to date! Someone obviously spent a lot of TLC on that baby. Congrats on the awesome find my definately have a one of a kind piece of art.
They are X's because this thread is like 5 months old. It was before the board switch and the pics were probally on a server that is dead. Once FP's website gets back up I am sure you will be able to see pics there. But if you want to know what this helmet looked like just look at the real one, it looks just like it. Here is a link to they did an entire page just on this helmet. The first link is just a comparison shot of the real helmet and FP's the 2nd one is more pics.
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