New MR Fett Helmet Master

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This is the new master for MR's Fett Helmet. It has been posted at the MR Blog and at the RPF as well. Congrats to Rogue Studios on an excellent paint job. Now lets see how well MR can reproduce it!! It was a good choice to go with the ESB movie paint job, not AOSW.




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nice. i hope they do a great job... this could be a good product to help them buff up the tarnished image that recent issues have left them.

hmmm.... maybe my ESB helmet craving can be filled by this? :)


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If the actual production helmet looks as good as the master, this would be my first MR purchase! :D

I guess, now we wait and see!


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Mirax H said:
Now lets see how well MR can reproduce it!!
Are you suggesting that a 15 year old girl in China will be able to paint as well as Rogue Studios? I kid of course, but I don't have a lot of faith in MR at this point. They managed to screw up the clone helmets and a Fett paintjob is way more involved than a clone bucket.


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That one looks great, it would be nice if they could mass produce it...

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. . .and I just spent a fortune on a MS ESB :lol: Nevermind . .it doesnt hurt to have two ESB helmets does it? :lol:

That looks really impressive actually but we'l have to wait and see wether MR can mass produce them to this standard I guess.


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RS, they should just send you off to China to do every. single. one. :eek:


Rogue Studios said:
The process is being worked out right now but every effort is being made to recreate this properly. It ain't easy LOL.

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I agree with Sidewinder. Pack your bags RS, you're going to China!

I really do hope that MR manage to pull this one off. It won't be easy, and if it turns out good I would definately be tempted to make this my first MR purchase.


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deadbolt said:
What helmet was used for this?

The MR prototype helmet is a scan of the preproduction 3 helmet, which is very similar to the Empire helmet.

RS, fantastic work! I'm in love with the mandibles.

I don't know how faithful the paint job will remain on the production versions, but you gave them one heck of a master to work off of.

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Well it looks like the "ESB Hero" paintjob problem is no longer an issue ;) Terrific work as always, the colours look beeeeautiful.
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Well done as always. They picked the perfect Master, however I don't think this can be replicated in mass production in China. I'm sure the bucket will be the best one to date that is not Fan made and painted.