New Member, Want to start my first build


New Hunter
Hello and good day everyone. Wondering if I can get a direction as to were to start, I want to create the Latest Boba Fett armor with the new paint job. Thank you in advance!


My advice, regardless of what Boba Version you want to do is just read and read and read this forum. Especially the Boba Fett Costume and helmet sections. Get a feel for what Boba is about and how the individual pieces are made. Then, only then start about planning your build.

Regrading that... give it time. Not much is jet known about the new suit. It took 2 decades to really nail the "old" Boba and there is still ways to go. If you want a truly accurate costume, you gotta wait till more is known.

You can also contribute with your own research to the knowledge about the new suit.