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I will do my best to insure that this first post complies with the recommendations of the board. My name is Nicholas, and at 48 years young I can attest that my father took myself and my brother to the second night of ANH when I was ten and he was seven. I remember it because it was a late show - 10pm I believe, and the line that evening was across the entire front of the strip center adjacent to the theater. I remember collecting the trading cards, and action figures. I remember it being a large part of my youth, and kids at school measuring how "rich" your parents were based on whether you had cable TV, or a VCR, or the Millemium Falcon. I had moved to Central Florida by the time ROTJ was released, and working for LBVC on (then) MGM Studios, I actually witnessed the backstage delivery of two 74-Z speeder bikes on a pallet. If I could have figured out a way to get one of them into the back of the pickup truck, there would be one sitting in my living room right now. Alas... sitting on one and touching it up close was all that I could muster at the time.
Interestingly enough, right next to those at the time was the police vehicle used in BladeRunner... sitting out in the Florida Sun and Rain unceremoniously propped up for the tour tram to drive by.... always made me sad to see that happen to such an iconic vehicle....

.... anyways - I digress....

So now that I have kids of my own, and my youngest son is 11, I will be taking him to the next film in December as a circle of life kind of moment.

My wife and I shoot weddings for her company in Central Florida, and our most recent wedding this past Sunday included an appearance from several members of the 501st. They represented the Legion well, and stirred a renewed fascination with the entire SW universe and the community which holds support for its continuing success. Learning that this entire organization is all volunteer, with donations for appearances going to charities, I find myself motivated to become more involved here locally. I have a longstanding volunteer career with BSA here in Central Florida, and find the 501st (from my initial research) to have the same desire to have a positive impact on the community.

I have always been one to enjoy DIY challenges, and these types of costumes seem to me to be the ultimate DIY challenge. Whether my level of success will ever approach what I have seen here amongst your members I have no clue, but the journey with my son is what is most important for me. There are far too few positive influences in the lives of todays kids, and I want to do everything I can to insure he is within environments which foster his creativity in a constructive and not destructive direction.

My initial costume - related quiries are as follows, in no particular order:

1. I have read quite a bit about body type and height determining a "more" appropriate costume type given the proportions and such... There are also comments that so long as you produce something that is properly proportioned to you, regardless of height, it will be fine. I'm 5'4". I'm curious to know how many members 5'6" or below have completed armored costumes and to what level of success do you feel you were able to achieve given the fact that none of us are six feet tall. Im hesitant to pursue a Boba Fett Direction if my results don't represent well.

2. Given that the avg temperature this month in Florida has been over 90 degrees, I have also been dilligently researching methods and hardware designed to lower body temperature - I see a few things but am curious about members personal experiences with such devices, and (if allowed) recommendations on effective ways to combat (no pun intended) the brutal Florida heat.

3. In my involvement with BSA I have had the opportunity to have my wife donate photography services for the benefit of the leaders and volunteers, and seek to add ourselves to those who volunteer to produce such content for the Legion, as the leaders of the organization see fit -- if any members are in Central Florida, would love to make contact for exploring the idea of incorporating Member appearances to Cub Scout Events such as Pinewood Derby and Recruitment events would really be over the top. In all my years of volunteering for BSA, I have not witnessed such a collaberation, and see alot of potential there.

4. In my corporate alter-ego, I work for a company tied into Disney and with the upcoming premier, i was curious what is being planned in the way of events tied to the movie premiere?

Thank you in advance for welcomes, feedback, and opinions on this initial introduction thread, and I wish you well...

Nicholas D