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Looks like our first new mandalorian inspired armor in quite some time. Can’t wait to get a better look at this in the movie!!!


Whoa... looks like a samurai. I know there was a leaked pic going back months ago where a couple people thought that "maybe" there was a range finger in the blurry background. Turns out they were right!


I also wonder if it is an actual worn suit in the film and not just display on a stand like in the screenshot. Or maybe Paul Bettany's character is the wearer of the suit be he just isn't in it in this screenshot.


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Hah! at all those folks who saw that pic of the set and refused to believe that same figure we see in this pic wasnt a mando of some sort in the other... although im gonna be very annoyed if we get some random mando instead of boba ... really dont like the look of that costume whoever it might be, maybe its just the pic but that looks like a really ugly mando helmet it seems extremely disproportionate almost like a modded rubies that earcap is HUGE and is the stalk a warped? and that armor is way to samuri ish for my taste... suppose we will have to wait and see how things turn out, this definetly has my mind racing now though!
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In all honesty , this could be anything, they do like to tease with the images. It could be this guy’s armor or a trophy/collected piece.
I have found that Mando seem to be everywhere in star wars cannon, well at least in the the cannon before ANH takes place anyway.... guess all the new movies/shows in the pipeline we’ll see how many more will pop up;)


lol...That's great !!!
If that's him in the background he must be standing on a milk crate !!!!
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Reminds me of Star Wars Galaxies. There was full set like this on display in a house in the Naboo Lake Retreat. Which was a really big deal for the game. :)

That profile is always striking