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Hey all!,

Now that we've wrapped up the ESB-MC project for a while, it's time to show you something else we've been working on - the MachineCraft Gauntlet Rocket V3. I can say without a doubt this is the last revision of this part we'll ever need to make. This thread will serve as the announcement and pre-order resource until this piece has been around long enough to incorporate it into our consolidated sales thread. Information on how to order will be on the bottom of this post.

Before we show off some pictures, here's a quick rundown of the new rocket:
-Screen Accurate dimensions - As accurate as it gets.
-New Copper Alloy "Cone"
-Aluminum Body and Tip
-Hollow Design
- Provides weight savings and prevents Gauntlet sagging/rolling that plagues heavier rockets (Final weight TBD).
-Tapped mounting holes - Makes installing onto Gauntlets a breeze.

** Introductory Price for Pre-orders: $195+ Shipping ** These are currently in production and we expect to ship in January.

Photos (Initial Prototype Pictured):


IMG_6551.JPG IMG_6548.JPG IMG_6546.JPG IMG_6542.JPG

Final Production Model Images:



How to Order:

To order, please send us an email at . Let us know you'd like to order a V3 Rocket and where you're located (full address needed for International customers). Once we receive your email we'll reply with order instructions and get you taken care of!

I hope everyone is staying safe and has a very Happy Holidays! As always let me know if you have any questions,



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Amazing work! These look incredible. We are spoiled for choice:). Can’t wait to see these arrive in person. Keep the awesomeness coming.
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These look sweet. Do you know the circumference of the main/central body of it? Trying to figure out if it'll fit in my Jango gauntlet.
It's roughly 1" in diameter.

Have tou ever thought about doing Jango delrin gaunt rockets?
I'd love to say I would get to Jango some day, but we still haven't finished all of the Boba pieces we'd like to do. I guess we're a bit of a one-trick pony for now.


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To the top! Slight update on these - we're pushing back the ship date to likely early to mid February to really dial things in and also add a couple extra goodies we didn't originally plan on offering. To say the accuracy will be unrivaled is an understatement.. Once these are in stock and no longer "Pre-orders" they will increase in price by likely $30-40. More to come soon.
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Last call on pre-orders! Full production has begun so these are likely going to ship this month, and we have a couple surprises up our sleeve.

Here is the finalized model we ended up with for anyone who didn't see it on social media. This thing has over 100 hours of work put into it - the final product is going to be something special. Stay tuned :)




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***V3 Gauntlet Rocket update for those who didn't see it on Social Media***

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have to delay shipping these for another one to two weeks.

To show our appreciation for everyone's patience while we nail down production on these, we are now including both accurate hardware AND accurate mounting support plates. These support plates install underneath the gauntlets and will need to be bent by hand to match the curvature of your specific gauntlets. Once fit nicely against the gauntlet they can be glued in place and will prevent damage caused by the weight of the rocket.

Picture of the hardware and support plates:

Lucksy31 - ESB Shoulder Decal