For Sale or Trade New Iconic Props / Stormrider / Signature Series Run (final)

Lucksy31 - ESB Shoulder Decal


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Alright Hunters, I know its been much longer than originally anticipated but Phase 2 is about to kick off and PMs have been sent regarding ROTJ EE3s. If you did not receive a PM and are interested in an ROTJ EE3, rubber or resin, please reach out to me ASAP.

All PAID ESBs have shipped, PM me about any questions regarding Phase 1. Any new ESB interests, PM me as well and I'll see what we can do.



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Pm Sent
Nik Tomas
-ESB Pulce 40 Sidearm
-ESB Nemrod Holster (Trimmed and completed)
-Whenever possible, but end of 2019 early 2020 would be amazing
-Sarasota, FL
-None, yet. Missed picking up a used EE3 ESB
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I haven’t heard anything for a few days on PMs but he’s usually good about getting back to me with good info. Give it a couple more days.


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We are still actively collecting payments before the next run officially starts. There will be a holding pattern for now as we give others time to collect their credits to send.

ALSO! Stormrider welcomed a new little bounty hunter into the world this past weekend, a gorgeous and healthy potato. So he has been tending to his new little being like a good daddy should.

We appreciate everyone's patience while he mourns the loss of the remainder of his youth and sanity because...

Sean Hebein

I bought the full front HIC cast and it is amazing. Fit perfectly in the Zenix box. If you are looking for a full frontal HIC (lol), Stormrider is your guy!
Lucksy31 - ESB Chest Decal