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Any updates on this at all? Some people got tracking numbers and Im a little curious on if they got their kits


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Any updates on this at all? Some people got tracking numbers and Im a little curious on if they got their kits
I never got a tracking number, but I recieved my EE3 kit just the other day here in Norway. It looks awesome :-D


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I know everyone is getting restless.

I ordered the wood stocks (A new version that fits better and is more accurate, and also more expensive) from Woodman in early december.

His message to me was that if I didnt pay immediately it would be 'shortly after christmas' before they were delivered.

I paid him, and mailed him a new D bracket to test with immediately so that i would get them 'before christmas'.

Outside of the process of shipping them to you, I am done with the parts for this run (Spare I want to try a new brace in some d brackets as occasionally you can see the metal faintly).

JDUB as been in contact with him as he is working on another project with him, and we have been assured multiple times that the stocks are 'on their way'.

I don't have many options except shipping people their kits without stocks, or ordering resin and making resin stocks for people. I realize this is a pain, and that people have now been waiting for months. I have been trying to tie this project up so I can do something else as well as I don't like to hold peoples money and move on to another project. So were all held up here, not just you.

I will get these out within a couple days of getting the stocks (I will mail 2-4 a day for a couple days and they will be out the door).

If anyone wants to discuss this with me directly, get my cell from jdubz. Again I apologize for the delay, this is unacceptable to me also. I had originally planned NOT to do wooden stocks for this very reason. We discussed it multiple times and we decided to go with the wood stocks again and it has proven to be the wrong decision.

This is likely the last time I am doing wooden stocks.

If anyone is interested in resin stocks with their kits, message jdub and I will make that happen and get them out asap.



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I am going to run out the HICS next while I work on some new molds for ROTJ EE3. If youre in for HIC message JDUB and confirm. Tks.


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Woodman sent me a pm this week. He estimates they will be all done this week. I asked him to update me sooner rather than later if there is more of a delay. Thank you for your patience. He may even be able to get them to me this week. Which means I will sort and get things boxed and get them out asap.

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Thanks for the update Stormrider, Appreciate you jumping in and giving us a heads up. Will shoot JDUB a PM in regards to the HIC parts I'm hoping to get a hold of.


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received mine on saturday and it was worth the wait.

Brilliant work, not much clean up at all. Looking forward to getting it all done.
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