For Sale or Trade New Iconic Props / Stormrider / Signature Series Run (final)

Lucksy31 - ESB Chest Decal


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I will see what the rubber is running.

The scopes are coming from across the pond. As soon as these arrive the first 5 to 10 ship. It could be any time from now to 26th.

Everything else is done for the first batch of orders.

I have one dome piece. I could try to make a mold of it. The difficulty is getting it firm. But I could heat some clay and form a shell.

The master dome piece, is long gone.

Barking Dragon

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Daniel Mullarvey
- ESB EE3 - Signature Edition ITEM + HIC
- Sooner rather than later would be nice to get the EE3 while the molds are still fresh and sharp
- Los Angeles
- None yet
- Just subscribed on YouTube

In regards to the HIC, you mentioned that the rubber shrinks..I intend to get one of Zenix's HIC box, will your Full front Han fit or shrink and be to small for it..should I be looking to buy just the pieces instead of the full front?

Thanks Dan
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David Neth

Sorry, I was more referring to when we might expect a run of ROTJ EE3s since it sounds like the first run is all ESB. No hurry, it just sounded like the ESBs were coming along nicely and it got me thinking on when we could see a list of who would be on the next run once the current one was done.


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Paul Tizzano

- ESB EE3, sidearm holster, possibly complete helmet liner set.

- before end of 2018

- NJ (USA)

- circa 2010/2011 I had a sidearm and rubber holster. They were an early version you did. You also gave me a swappable rubber barrel to go with the resin one on the sidearm. I no longer have this as it waa sold to a garrison mate around 2012.

- subscribed to Youtube channnel
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I can make the greeble for people if they want them. I also created a stl of it already if ppl just want to print it.


Matt McSweeney (SupRsloth)
- signature iconic ESB EE3
- As soon as available
- Cedar Falls, Iowa
- No items owned currently


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The new greeble piece is in the mold. Should have a couple molds by tomorrow. run off the pieces and ship first 6 or so early next week.

JBDUBS will also get one to finish and take pictures of.
Lucksy31 - ESB Faded Kill Stripes