New here, with a couple helmet ?'s

Hey guys, i'm new to this board and I'm interested in making my own Fett helmet...

I'm not looking at making an entire costume, but rather just the helmet. Its going to be one of those just-for-fun, just to see how it turns out type things. I dont have a ton of money to pour into this either, but I'll spend what I need to to make it look good. I will likely just have it in my room as a conversation piece but I'd like to have the option of wearing it too, if I ever needed it for a costume or something.

So, after a bit of internet searching, I still have a few questions. What should I use as the starting point for this helmet? I know the "Don Post" style helmets are a little squished and not quite 100 percent spot on to the real dimensions, but thats ok for what Im looking to do. Is a mask from DP going to be acceptable? I would probably reinforce it to get a more film faithful shape, and of course repaint it and redo the viewing screen and all that stuff. I am sort of confused by the different brands of helmets available on the market. I've seen a few online that are labeled as Don Post (usually '97) and they seem to use a stock file photo in most of the pics so I cant tell a difference. Ive heard that the "Rubies" mask is a crapper, but when I look for pictures of it, the pics seem to be the same ones listed for DP masks. If someone could point me in the right direction for which helmet to buy, I can take care of the rest! Thanks alot guys!
With the Rubies, avoid the 'standard' version at all costs... I think those are the ones with the black earcap. Theres a thread on here that shows how bad it is. Its called 'Fett Helmet Ala'Cart' or something like that. They seem to be nothing more than a regular floppy Halloween mask.
The DP '95 with the white interior is about the best Don Post helmet you could get. They are also very hard to get your hands on, even if you buy one off of ebay, you may get a Rubies listed as a DP.

If you could get your hands onto a real DP, you could fix up the shape with a heatgun, then you could use a metal wire to hold the correct shape in place, or you could add a layer of fiberglass on the inside.

Personally, I own a Don Post '95 helmet that was recasted in resin, it was made with the permanent shape, but I do plan to replace it soon with a real BM fiberglass helmet. If you want a really good helmet, even for display purposes, I'd recommend having a fiberglass helmet just for the strength and perfection put into it.

Good luck!
First, welcome to TDH and second, How much are you wiling to spend? There are many versions of DP's out there, some good and bad. I know of one person from Bolivia who sells DP96's at $99.00 No kidding, I've got one. but it does takes a while to get, like a month or so. If your serious about buying one just PM me and I'll let him know. C. Also if you stick with a DP check out the "Noob questions on the DP95" thread and it will give you info on how the reshape the Helmet.
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Hmm yea it seems like whenever I see what is labeled as a Don Post actually appears to be a Rubies helmet. I dont know enough to really tell the difference.....Thanks for that contact in Bolivia, I dont think I want to spend that kind of money however....Can anyone give me a link to a site that sells thw 1997 DP bucket? Or even maybe just a link that shows a comparison of the DP and Rubies helmet so I dont get the wrong thing? Thanks guys
Thing is, I don't think they make DPs anymore. I had the same problem when I was looking for a helmet, but I'm on a tight budget, as well. I just gave up and decided to scratch build it.
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