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Hey guys, new guy here. So I finished my first set of home made boba fett armor a few weeks ago for the premier, it worked out quite well. The helmet, gauntlets, and jet pack were purchased unpainted on ebay (man of war studios sold me unpainted gauntlets and I highly recommed christian he is great work!)

The old helmet I got was buy it now $150... Not sure. The resin ear pieces were poorly casted, but It ended up turning out alright at the end as you can tell.

I am wondering what you suggest for a good, reasonably clean (preferably ready to paint?) accurate bucket for price around 150-175 USD, and if someone here can hook me up instead of visiting the wonders of ebayland where you dont know what the heck you are getting...
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Are there any other options you would recommend that arent so pricey? Dont get me wrong, I do understand the time and effort it takes to mold a helmet, but that one is a bit out of my price range... Although it is everything I would need.
While there are a number of incredible helmets out there, the "Mystery Helmet / Marrow_Sun" helmet has the closest linneage to a real helmet. And if I am not mistaken are within your price range.
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