New for Fall 2020 - Injection Molded Volvo Control panels HiC Han in Carbonite panels


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I've done the unthinkable.

I've created a steel injection mold to produce high quality parts, the same way the original parts were made. These are the control panels that go on the side of the Han in Carbonite block.

New for Fall 2020, injection molded ABS plastic replicas of the Volvo panels used to build side control panels for a Han in Carbonite prop. This listing is for 8 perfect panel reproductions for your build. These are not resin casts from silicone molds, these are the real deal! There's nothing better as these are made the same way the original panels were made; injection molded ABS plastic.


I had an original Volvo 343 dashboard instrumentation panel professionally 3D scanned with a high resolution FARO laser 3d scanning arm. The scan data was used to reverse engineer and create a CAD file.


The CAD file is an exact representation of the original part. I then used this CAD file to machine an insanely expensive steel injection mold.




Plastic is then melted and injected into the mold, the same way the original panels were created., to form a perfect casting every time.


These are in production now, and they'll be shipping late October. This project has been many many months in the making and I'm pleased to finally share the samples with you all, and accept pre-orders.

The first 25 orders are discounted to $189.99, and all subsequent orders will be full price at $249.99

2020-09-14 (1).jpg IMG_20200914_201057.jpg IMG_20200914_201107.jpg IMG_20200914_201112.jpg IMG_20200914_201125.jpg IMG_20200914_201410.jpg IMG_20200914_201412.jpg


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Thanks everyone for the overwhelmingly positive response. I'm going to keep the pre-order discount active for one more week for y'all.
Grabbed mine just now. I have a rudimentary build that I have very fragile resin controls on. These will give me a chance to re-boot that build and include the electronics! Look awesome and thanks for extending the discounted price!


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These are now you to $219 until the end of the month, when they'll be ready to ship. ~3 weeks left of this pre-order pricing and then they'll be $249 thereafter.


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Received my set today and they are beautiful! I’ve had several different sets throughout the years including casts of the Volvo panel and this is by far the best I’ve seen.
Thanks zenix!