New ESB's from Man of War Studios "Photo's"

Man of War Studios

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Here's my latest ESB version gauntlets..enjoy the photo's :)

Man of War Studios

Made entirely of reinforced gel-coated fiberglass these gauntlets are hand crafted with a more authentic looking slimmed down design, a new re-designed detailed flame unit and the introduction of "metal micro hinges"...The new flame unit is solid gel-coated fiberglass and reinforced with two imbedded steel square pin which runs inside the entire length of the flame unit to prevent breakage and painted in a metalic Alclad finish...Solid fiberglass rocket projectile, metal working toggle switches, custom metal darts, velcro closures and razor sharpe detailing make these gauntlets a must have for you serious collectors out there...Rear openings are 3.750-4.0 inches in diameter...
:eek: :eek: those are sooooo good man! Woooo, makes me wanna snag a pair of ESB gauntlets and do an ESB next!:cheers
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Hey, great gauntlets but just one observation. Is the wrist laser on the left gauntlet supposed to tilt forward like that? I thought it should be more level. Otherwise, looks amazing.
Sweet gauntlets! Nice job, Man.
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