New ESB repainted Bobamaker Armor

Gonzo Fett

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well guys and dolls I got my armor back from BM. What can I say I just love the aroma of freshly painted fiberglass armor :lol:

I put some compare shots of what it looked like before BM repainted it.


here is the backplate and bells

and butt armor (?), studs, and knees

I have posted a new thread on what I have so far in the SC pit.


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That's really interesting. It's rare to see the ESB and RoTJ armor side by side like that.
It really emphasizes the difference in the paintjob.
Either way, it looks terrific! Daz does some fine work!


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looks cool!

but you were going with the little details, so you might wanna get your left shoulder bell become a wee bit more yellow and the right one a tiny bit more orange.

ESB has different coloured shoulder bells.

nice going on the new ESB paint job, looks better then the right one, much more tiny scratches and bits and pieces :)

Gonzo Fett

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yeah I think you are totally right on that. BM is convinced it is just a lighting issue....but y'know I gotta save some things for ver. 2.0 of this suit. :lol:

of course I can never hold a light to you guys...I am taking baby steps. I do hope to paint my own armor next year.


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maybe Boba actually has a Navi like creature steadily humming just outisde the screen all the time...

or I am just being stupid and BM is right...

well either way, the difference is very consistent, in both the movie as in publicity shots leaving me to believe it is a difference in paint job, not set lightning... not my research anyways, talk to JFJ or JK... theyre the ESB guru's :lol:

anyways... doesn't matter one bit, BM does one helluva good job and your suit is gonna rock!!

Gonzo Fett

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It is the old armor. I had purchased it back in August of last year. And sent it back to get a repaint. Heh..I had hope he would do it on the new armor...but well you can't have everything :lol:

Also what our your thoughs on the diver belt? I've been told that ESB doesn't have it, but yet JFJ suit does.(and he seems to be right on when it comes to details of the ESB suit) I personally like it just adds more realness to the JP on your back .