New Build


New Hunter
Starting a new build... Starting with this custom helmet which finally arrived today!

Any recommendations for someone brand new to the community? Looking forward to poking around the forums for inspiration! Any crowd favorite makers for building custom armor pieces? I recently bought a small starter 3D printer, but I hardly know what I'm doing yet.


Active Hunter
Welcome! That's an awesome helmet. Which 3d printer do you have? I have an Ender 3 and the only armor pieces I couldn't print in one piece were the helmet, collar, and back plate. I believe Meshmixer can help you slice parts into smaller chunks but I don't have any experience with that program.
Since you're doing a custom you can poke around on Thingiverse for files - they most likely won't be screen accurate but that shouldn't matter too much for a custom.
Otherwise you can check Etsy - plenty of high quality print files available there.