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Discussion in 'Original Trilogy Bounty Hunters' started by Guido, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. Guido

    Guido New Member

    leg harness X wing Bossk.jpg bossk1.JPG bossk2.JPG Hi everyone,
    this is Guido from Italy.
    I officially started after some time evaluating this “dream” to build a very good/almost same Bossk costume and I know this gonna be a tough challenge for Bossk is not easy, quite complex actually.
    I have purchased from an artist based in Spain, Mask/Arms and Feet (not yet received tho but the picture is for reference and is exactly what I am going to get) and right now I will move on with the rest, step by step.
    Even if I don’t not really mind how long will it take, I would like to be ready by the end of the Year, but anyway….:lol:now I start to bother you guys with all my questions:

    Leg Holster,Belt and Ejection Harness:

    • I found online several pictures and I have identified the material, should be Poly Propylene Webbing if I am not mistaken, light grey for the Harness, military army green not to dark for the Holster and light brown/beige for the Belt.
    • Belt Buckle I found on the ebay can be purchased

    At home with the help of my wife I think we can put everything together with the sewing machine.

    Ejection Harness: according to the picture, is everything correct?

    Leg Flares: is there’s something commercial can be used? Which kind of material you recommend? Dimension?

    Thanks for now guys, this is my first step in the large world, I wanna walk slow and safe!! :)

    Of course any help/suggestion is deeply appreciated
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  2. crumdum

    crumdum Member

    There are a bunch of guides to making leg flares on the rebel legion forums. You can simply google it and find it pretty fast.

    Different material is used for the straps that connect to the lower compression cabling system. If you are looking to get 501st approval I highly recommend reading information posted on and the WIP CRL there.

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  3. emme3

    emme3 Member

    ciao Guido
    i'm Marco from Italy. it's nice to hear about a new bossk around ! I recommend Loanstar for the soft parts, they are crazy accurate! but if you are able to sewn that all i think anyway these pics can help you :)
  4. Guido

    Guido New Member

    Thank you Crumdum, I will follow those guidelines!!

    Marco, nice to see you! (di dove sei? anche te stai lavorando a Bossk?)
  5. Artakha

    Artakha (Formerly le1120)

    Good luck with the project!
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  6. Guido

    Guido New Member

    Back with a small update, supplier of Mask/Arms/Feet sent me a pic of the work in progress..
    I can't wait to see it finished and Painted!:D bossk raw.JPG
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  7. 67veedub

    67veedub Jr Member

    That looks amazing!
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  8. Guido

    Guido New Member

    IMG_8389.JPG IMG_8390.JPG

    Mask, arms and feet are almost ready, probably will be shipped out next week!
  9. Guido

    Guido New Member

    Latex parts finally arrived yesterday, they fit perfectly!
    Next move is to choose the right material/colour for the suit, already ordered some small samples and as soos as I can have in my hands, I will start to proceed with the suit.
    Finger Cross!!!:) b1.JPG b2.JPG
  10. Malkavian

    Malkavian Jr Member

    How will you protect the soles of the feet from wear and tear? Or do the feet go around a real shoe?
  11. Guido

    Guido New Member

    yes I was concerned about this issue, and I am thinking to ask my local cobbler to stick on the soles something like rubber for shoes or any similar material suitable to walk. Possibly shaped according to these feet.
    But now I am focused on the suit, I have ordered the material in the right Yellow colour and as soon as get I will start to sew (with the help of my mum:))!
    I hope to have the suit almost ready before end of nov.
  12. Guido

    Guido New Member

    I got shoulder Patches, and kindly thanks to another "Bossk" maker on BHG I also purchased a couple of screen accurate ones, soon to arrive! patches.jpg
  13. crumdum

    crumdum Member

    Those are not screen accurate patches sorry. The right patch never existed and there are several issues with the left one.
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  14. Guido

    Guido New Member

    yes i know, but the ones you sold me aren't more screen accurate?? ( by the way is it you?)
    this is what i wrote up
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  15. crumdum

    crumdum Member

    The ones I sell are the only screen accurate ones I know of...if you bought it from my sell buddy add in the past day you are covered.
  16. Guido

    Guido New Member

    Haven't posted here for ages (more on the BHG), now I am almost ready with the suit and in the meanwhile some more stuff is ready! Hopefully I can complete this project in the closer future! bd3a3c8caba38d2ea2469a1175f11b8a.jpg accurate screen patches
    f90f6040b7bc6783052b381cadf0fc3a.jpg 4a7e0d8efa5ce219bee34fee8f9e727b.jpg 5a81762975c6573bf835ef72edd0364f.jpg ec2690705fd5686492fc1fae9d3ee7bb.jpg suit work in progress
  17. Guido

    Guido New Member

    white vest, leg holster and flares, belt with mini flares, white vest and leg harness ccbe7d79f510432e555c0b8d1feffa29.jpg 4a9f88c022fb613fd0954083ca864145.jpg 128208f266ea02b8bc8146edbe281666.jpg 950e684f4e4e1a441f7bb1f88e5a1acb.jpg 5ec8bed44e975a94029cf3afde01de32.jpg de8f44fc4816096b51023f1ad11b00ba.jpg f86600e2df70d4e8e22786282f886a0b.jpg 53fbfe47481806b1af5c3b867a56a6ab.jpg d0f54b21596b68ed75e0c709c57da42b.jpg

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  18. Guido

    Guido New Member

    leg greeb c829f747612643330d450c2427f76542.jpg

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  19. Guido

    Guido New Member

    4" Rubber Arms Seal to mod and neck metal Latch 718697296d5dc5fe4f2d2152abd73931.jpg bf41a8cc6f729839a5ead87a252583d3.jpg d80fe383bf4e811a0f49a40d5ea8ef1d.jpg 1930d737474302eee1f822e71b502145.jpg

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  20. Guido

    Guido New Member

    64a38f54d24c729966fa0aa09afcba6f.jpg b0f9a206f89529ff05274b9502415a34.jpg d13888fe54af950734418a633daffd75.jpg 06c6e52165b0e5f41ed6b5e4a9e874a9.jpg

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  21. Artakha

    Artakha (Formerly le1120)

    Quality stuff
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  22. Guido

    Guido New Member

    62166e935db749e985d1273ed0499dc5.jpg 9a9515390accf9402a68e4af00015044.jpg 4533981c1ebc0f6d7012b2071a44c1bb.jpg adfda105d064c0d5e950b8ec2976006c.jpg f5beed75b4cdd726b6adddd167dc4205.jpg 861c08382d0cc0e7343a9ff413f92dcb.jpg

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  23. Sky

    Sky New Member

    Looks like it turned out pretty Nice Great job on the Project!
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  24. Guido

    Guido New Member

    some updates e7a48322f34fd8306899979a60b94246.jpg
    854b898e741f6ce574ce6636ba6bb7b1.jpg d645a26015587a6846eef0a3eda24ac3.jpg 1b2b28529c2251d357a654f34e240c56.jpg f5b80edb66276d58115b6f398a4370ad.jpg 7e447937ea2b87dd2b4f3b6dd91f15f1.jpg d3cfc00b1579415ccff362102746fbe0.jpg 45df1a8509e3e048b09a870f8509db83.jpg 1b3b11b5b132dc7d16705cec3ef23fbf.jpg

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  25. jusdrewit

    jusdrewit New Member

    Nice job!

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