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I thought I would show these off here. A seamstress who is making my wife's boussh costume parts helped me out and made some new gloves for me. I dyed some gloves and sent her the materials to do them. A special thanks to Arkady for some tackle twill strips to use. I sent her some exhibit photos and gave her some guidance. She even noticed that some of the pads on the fingers are a little uneven. She added that detail. I'm pleased with the results. If there is interest, she contiplated making 5 more pair in either style. ESB or ROTJ. I hope you guys enjoy.







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I have two suggestions so far.
1) As per numerous movie and screen shots, the center sewn lines need to be more pronounced on the gloves. I know this might be a material thing with the tackle twill partially.
2) I would also suggest having a Velcro option on the underside just below the button for the extending portion (and make it more of a pronounced flap). While there are no known reference pictures I could find for the underside of the holds up better when trooping and gripping things with the gloves versus one button.


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I would assume very comparable to the ones out there. I told her to keep the cost to a minimal

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