New Boba Fett Chest Displays available


New Hunter
My name is Clark James. I'm the electronics guy at Studio Art & Technology, a movie prop shop, that John on the "Sci-Fire Chest Display" thread has been talking about.

The Boba Fett chest display is completed and will begin shipping Sep 8th. Find a full description and purchase it at The price is $90.50 plus $4 shipping USA. This is a high quality product that is programmable and contains 2 selectable programs, currently the ESB and Don Post versions.

Here's a look:

Here are the dimensions:

The boards are built and ready to ship.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Thanks and enjoy.

I definetely want a set but not at this moment. Will you guys ever stop producing them? Or will they always be offered in the future at your site?
These chest displays are superb. Clark did a prototype run and miniaturized the boards as much as possible. Everything is constructed solid state. Originally, I was contracting Clark to make these for me but he sells them directly through his site. I guarantee that you'll be in awe over his setup.

His displays are animated to match the ESB and Don Post. There is a micro-switch on the board that allows you to select between the two different animations. They are extremely bright. They are designed to be highly efficient. They are reprogrammable and customizable (via a PIC programmer). The display comes with a vacuum formed backing to protect the board while installed.

It comes packaged in a static resistant bag. All documentation and instructions are included. Guaranteed Excellence.
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