Blaster Nemrod Holster 3D print files


Jr Hunter
hey everyone,

im no 3d modeller, but i had a go at this and im very happy with how it turned out, so i thought id share it among all you great people. and as you can see, it perfectly fits a 3d printed sidearm too.

there is a small issue down at the bottom of the file, but it prints fine, and its nothing a quick fill and sand wont fix.
if somoene is more proficient at 123d design, id be happy to share the original file if somoene wants to have a go and fix it.

hope you enjoy

Aidan holster and logo.stl?dl=0

holster 2.png holster top.jpg IMG_20170415_164417.jpg IMG_20170415_164442.jpg IMG_20170415_164505.jpg IMG_20170415_164516.jpg IMG_20170415_164525.jpg IMG_20170415_164543.jpg


That looks pretty good! I wonder how it would look printed in black rubber. I have a friend who can do that, I'll see what he says.


New Hunter
hi when you printed this did you have to change the scale.because when I put it in cura it said auto scale object 70% of original size?? did you get this message ?