Need some serious help with Jango Knees please


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Hi All, I have a kit from BKBT and I can't seem to wrap my head around how I am supposed to put these things fact I think I glued some wrong pieces together already.

I have been getting directions from the man himself (thanks much :) ) however he also suggested I look on here in the archives..... well I can't seem to find any photos of them put together.

If anyone out there has this kit, or photos of how it went together I would really appreciate it.
Hey Cruzer , I see you did something with that piece of art in your new avatar. How did you end up displaying it and where did you put it?
Here is the pic Cruzer, I have it confirmed that the way I have it sitting now is how it needs to go together (specifically the "F" side is what I was having mental problems with)
(thankfully I was able to get apart the pieces that I had glued together.)

I have since been told by the man himself to "glue the thin styrene strip BEHIND the vacuformed piece that the F's are glued to. You just need to trim a channel 1/16" thick, the same thickness as the extra styrene, so the side pieces sit flush with the front shells."

So I will be looking at them tonight to ensure I understand the final set of instructions.

Also publicly I want to say thanks to BKBT for listening to my ramblings and helping me out eventhough I got these third hand. :cheers

I don't know if you got it figured out or not but it looks to me like you just glue the sides to the ends of the front piece by backing it with some sintra. Can't really tell from the pic how the sides of the front piece look but it looks like it extends a little on both sides. Cut a strip of sintra for each side on the front piece, glue each side to each side of the front piece, and then glue the sides to the strip being sure to but up the ends.
No, yes. Shoot us a side shot and inside shot of that front main piece if you're still having probs. I'd use the Plastic Welder epoxy if you don't have CAglue.

I'll post some other pics a little later. What I've begun using is Gorrilla glue, I am told is super stong but also water based so does not eat the plastic.
I had a similiar problem, I took a piece of ALuminum flashing and cut a strip and gorrila glued it to the inside of the knees and I tell you they do not budge
Hey Pennywise, I hung it in a shadow box I got from Michael's, installed a light, and it now shines as an eternal night light in my garage above my prop working area.

Cal196, I wil lbe adding the flashing for extra strength and likely a layer of fiberglass not only for more strength but also so it looks uniform on the inside.

I have them pretty much put together, I'll post a pic tonight after work.

Cruzer, it is a very cool pic... how big is it?
Sorry about not posting a pic..I'll remember to post one today... I got caught up with re-working my servo in my bucket and now there will almost be no intrusion past the inside of the cheek.

I re-worked it so it is not direct drive, and was able to place the servo down under the cheek.
Wow, those look great. Good job on the assembly Kivas. A little dremel work on the other side and a few recessed lines scoured with a hacksaw blade on each side and you'll have a very accurate looking pair of Jango knees. (y)

I might be interested in some for my son's costume if they'd fit him. Any chance of getting the inside distance from side to side Kivas?

Well done,

Edit: Oops, never mind, looks like the scoured lines are already there.
I recommend doing this anyway, it makes them so much stronger and its little effort if there not broken before hand.
cal196Ya I have a little extra work do to, some re-inforcing etc.

Curzer I can take an exact measurement tonight, but a rough guess is about 8-9 inches as fits reasonably well around my knees

biggerkidbiggertoys - thanks boss :)
Thanks Kivas, I mean the width. If you're telling me your knee is 8-9 inches wide, then I have "girly" knees compared to you!:lol:

Cruzer, sorry I forgot to update... and ya I guess my rough measurement was a tad off. They are 5 1/4 inches wide at the joint part which are snug with track pants on, hopefully not too tight with jumpsuit.
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