Need Soft Parts Help


zartan fett

Ok now before everyone barks at me about using the search tool, I have been for over a week since I came back. But I'm just not able to spend enough time looking. So I need your help. If everyone can just send me a quick PM answer on where I can go these days for each item, I would appreciate that. I have been registered here since March 2002, I got out of props and stopped posting on the RPF as well due to a potential divorce. So now a few years later I have returned, unfortunately with every long sold(Jango, Boba, Movie Trooper).

Below is a list of items I had before. I know a lot has changed in two years with new discoveries, so I am looking for the most accurate updates.

1. MC Boots
2. RA Jumpuit
3. RA spats
4. RA pouches
5. Slave 1 gloves
6. RA Ammo Belt
7. Dean O knee spikes
8. Dean O beacon
9. Dean O keyboard squares
10. Unidentified vest
11. Unidentified ammo belt
12. Unidentified braids
13. Unidentified rope belt

I'm not trying to be lazy, but It's a lot to review.

Thanks guys!!



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In case you didnt get my PM, there is a source for an ammo belt for you i nthe soft parts/belts thread under the heading: Now offering ammo belt services.