Need hire someone to help make Fett Costume


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So, Halloween and a Con' is coming up in my area and I began making my Boba Fett build...the problem is with my work schedule I hardly have any time to work on it, ironically I'm typing this While on my break...

My budget total is $600-650...ROTJ or ESB doesn't matter as long as it's accurate and I can show it off.

If anyone is willing to assist I'd sincerely appreciate it...or at least direct me in the right direction.


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I think you could commission a helmet for that. A full suit would be in excess of $4,000. I did painting and assembly myself and I spent over $3,500. Though mine does have some luxuries.


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If you have a $600 budget and no time, Ruby's might be your best answer. It just depends on what you consider accurate.


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Good luck, especially at that price point. You won't get anything near accurate.

Also that etsy link isn't for the whole costume.


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I was mostly using that costume as a reference for the level of accuracy... Not price point.... But fair enough.


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Thanks, I'll check it out! I'm doing a star wars themed Halloween with my daughters and then a Con afterwards so, looking for any options... I can do all the painting myself... Just not the actually armor and whatnot


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I bought a bunch of stuff from Korbanth on eBay. I think I ended up spending about $1000... all wasted. It ended up not being to my standards. And that was for helmet, armor, jet pack, knee pads, and gauntlets. So no soft parts. For the money it was better than a Ruby's kit, but certainly not 501'st approvable. I repurposed the armor, but still have the helmet, jet pack, gauntlets, and knee pads. I actually stripped the paint off of the knee pads and pulled the darts off because the scale was wrong. At some point, I plan to sell those items.

This forum is dominated by people who want a screen accurate costume. A lot of the compromises people make here are found part vs. resin cast part. Or real metal part versus cast part. I started out with your mentality thinking I could spend $1,500 on a good costume. I stayed here and became anal retentive and ended up with a great costume, but it was a lot of work and cost a lot of money. The moment I knew I went over the deep end was when I spent the money on real dental files. That was the beginning of the end.

For $600-$700, you can make a lot of compromises to get where you are going, but you can't spend $600-$700 AND have someone else do the work. For that, I think a Ruby's costume is probably your best bet. And it won't be thrilling to Fett heads, but it might be "good enough" for your purposes.

It goes like this:
Rubie's Supreme Edition: $700
korbanth / Sith Planet $1,200 - $1,500
Self made costume $3,000+ a ton of work

Korbanth might sound like a nice compromise, but I bought from him and ended up trashing all of his stuff and starting over because once you get over the $1K hump, your expectations go up markedly. He didn't misrepresent what he was selling (apart from saying it was 501st approvable), it was just not up to standards. I couldn't see it when I was buying because I didn't know what to look for. Confronted with your choice, I would 1) go Rubie's Supreme Edition, 2) go down the path of an accurate suit, or 3) choose something else. If this is not the hardest Star Wars costume to attempt, it is certainly one of the hardest. It can't be done cheaply or without a lot of work.


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I have to agree with everyone else I knew I'd be spending a lot on this and made a pretty detailed price list and after deciding todo servo ad what not I've stopped counting cost after 3500 and that's just pieces and parts not the paint cost and glue and sewing I've done not to mention if you don't already have the tools you will need those too this is a cost a lot of people over look


I believe I'm about 3000 into Fett and about 7-8 months of waiting on various vendors, tweaking parts and working on it myself. Like many have stated Fett is not for the weak of heart or shallow of pockets.


I have a spreadsheet where I've listed everything, with prices. I refuse to sum it up because it would just make me hyperventilate. But if it's to be done, it should be done right. No point going half way... I saw a ROTJ/ESB mishmash at a con recently. Blue jumpsuit, ROTJ gauntlets and jetpack. Jetpack hanging off one strap. Pulce gun in a floppy rubber holster at the back of the belt. Just... wrong... It might be ok for him, but I'm doing this and I'm going to get it right.


I'm not a veteran of the site but I've read a lot here and there's two ways to go IMO:
1. Do the thing right and spend like $3500 over a lot of time to get it perfect.
2. Do it yourself one week thing with cardboard without bondo, etc. I mean a real low quality thing that you can recognise as Boba just to hang out for an evening with it and have fun.

Middle point feels like money and time waste since you'll be getting a mediocre product and it will still be a lot of money for junk.


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You'll find that an accurate Boba Fett will cost well into the 3k area even when you're painting yourself.

Not to mention the wait times.

I suggest not rushing and start by contacting Wasted Fett regarding armor and helmet.