Need HIC CNC router box help...


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No one can cut them out on their CNC routers. I've tried three separate
shops and they all say they can't cut from the files I got from the HIC builders Yahoo group.
I've tried saving them as DXF files, but that did not work either. I'm being told the shapes
are not closed (what ever that means), and the dimensions don't match the the
drawing I sent with the files. How are you guys getting you boxes cut?
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Hi. I have not done a HIC but I do make furniture from time to time. The builds I have seen online seem to suggest these side holes are done by hand. Someone else may be able to offer more input.

Edit. Might want to check out Zenix. They have a CNC machined frame on sale.
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I wish I could get mine from Zenix, but I'm using 3D printed panels and they are a bit off from the
Volvo panel so they will not fit in Zenix's box. I've edited the panel openings on the files from the
yahoo group to fit my panels, but I'm having trouble getting them printed.


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I’ve got a CNC’ed box made from aluminum composite material. No sanding, correct dimensions, folds up like a pizza box. No internal support system. Easy.


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