Need help to create radio controlled helmet control system


Hello, new here but have been a longtime lurker. Recently decided to have a pop at costuming so thinking of joining the 501st in the guise of an Episode 2 Clone Trooper. Would have liked to have done a Boba Fett suit, but it's too tricky and expensive. I do have the MR helmet though, in all its inaccurate glory (did someone actually look at the movie before this got passed?).

So, I'm about to order my Clone helmet, but while waiting for payday I've been thinking of some way to be able to remotely switch on and off units in the helmet, such as voice amplifier with speaker, fan and the three LEDs at the rear using the compad on the right arm. A future requirement would maybe be a microphone is the chest cavity, behind the "="-opening and connecting to an earpiece for improved directional hearing. Tricky, I know, and seemingly way beyond my capabilities judging from responses I've had so far on other forums. But I'm learning. I was hoping that there'd be someone on here who would think it was an interesting challenge and would want to see if something can be worked out. It could be something that could be used for a Boba Fett helmet as well and integrated into the wrist pad.

Basically, this is my diagram of how I would want it to work:


It's very basic, and I'm quite aware the 9V battery might not be enough to run everything. Attached to the battery is a small fan, a small display with three red LEDs for the back of the "fin", a voice amp, passive microphone and speaker. I then want to be able to switch everything on and off using a radio remote sitting underneath the compad.

I was thinking of using one of these for the radio transmitter: as the control panel underneath the compad. That would then control one of these: sitting in the helmet and receiving the signal. That would then control the various parts by switching them on and off using the remote. The speaker is a 45mm Mylar superthin speaker ( which should be enough. This LED array might work, but I need to check the measurement: The amp could be either this: Velleman nv, with a 47k ohm potentiometer for volume control, or this (which is 10V): LM380 2W Mono Audio Amplifier Module (3097), and using this sort of headset: LIGHTWEIGHT HEADWORN 3.5mm MULTIMEDIA LAPTOP MICROPHONE | eBay. The fan would just be a small standard helmet fan.

This sort of receiver/switch might also work: 4 CH Wireless RF Remote Control Radio Controller Switch | eBay.

Now, issues... How could this work? How would it be powered without having 18 AA batteries sitting around the helmet? How would you run a 9V amp off a 5v receiver? How can it be made into a small, elegant, low-cost solution which would work seamlessly and as intended? It could just be a pipedream, don't even have a compad yet so I don't even know if it could be made to work. Sci-Fire did a rubber one but they're gone so it would have to be a resin one.

So, anyone up for a challenge...?