Need help appraising this 30th anniversary Tsuneo Sanda mock oil painting poster


Jr Hunter

I have a 30th anniversary Tsuneo Sanda mock oil painting that I got many years ago at a Block Buster. I was thinking about selling it and decided to do an ebay search. Found some for sale between $140-$300. Was wondering what you guys though about its value. The bottom two corners are a little scuffed up, but it's in excellent shape and displays beautifully.

My personal take on appraising has always been that any objects value is what someone else is willing to pay for it. It will always vary.

Frames can be fixed/replaced. Looks amazing!

It is my first time seeing one of these, I would be proud to display this in my future man cave.

Fett 4 Real

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Is it a poster, or an art print? I have (had i think it was destroyed in the hurricane) that in a poster form and its worth like $10 or so. I also have an Art print of another one with Fett, which Id value at like $285 or more as thats retail for his art prints. And I paid that for it. Art doesnt typically depreciate. But again its a matter of what people will pay.


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It looks like one of those posters that were on sale at BlockBusters when the DVDs were released a while ago.

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Seeing how you said its from BB Id guess its a poster.. .and not worth much look up this as I cant post Ebay links here. (that arent my own)
STAR WARS ~ 30TH ANNIVERSARY CAST 24x36 Movie POSTER Tsuneo Sanda Episode