Scalps Need advice on black and grey braids please


I've just received a silver grey braid from Woodman and need advice on how to attach it to the black braid that i've made myself,
Any examples from you guys would be great by way of instructions or pics of your own braid set up,(cause i'm a little dumb that way:wacko) Any help would be much appreciated
Thanks guys,


I've used fishing line that's clear to tie them together
I was looking for more in terms of where the end of the grey braid attaches to the black, where abouts the grey should hang down to etc etc. There are no clear pics in the gallery that I can find that show this, but thanks 22.


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OK! Here is my take on the ESB wookie braids: as I mentioned in another thread (here ==> Question about Wookie scalps) the ESB braid was actually part of the Pre-Pro #3 suit, more correctly all the ESB soft parts are from the Pre-Pro #3 suit, minus the cape and the spats.

PP3 To ESB Braid 01.jpg PP3 To ESB Braid 02.jpg

The correct position of the ESB wookie braids is this:

ESB Wookie Braid Measurements.jpg PP3 To ESB Braids.jpg

Note that the second image is with the Pre-Pro #3. The black braid is looped around the shoulder (and is possible that one end of the black braid is actually brown), the silver and the thicker blonde braid is on the front, while the thinner blonde braid is on the back. Most of the movie scenes (and some stills) in ESB are with all the braids on the front:

ESB Wookie Braids 01.jpg ESB Wookie Braids 02.jpg ESB Wookie Braids 03.jpg ESB Braids On Front 01.jpg Fett outside Interrogation Room.jpg Boba-Fett-Costume-Empire-Strikes-Back-Carbon-Chamber-22.jpg

This one is with the normal position (and also in most of the stills):

ESB Wookie Braids 04.jpg

Here is a drawing I did today with the ESB braids and I will add it (with measurements) to my misc templates thread:

ESB Wookie Braids.jpg
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