Need a Helmet

Mehrunes Dagon87

New Hunter
Good day all, I need to get a new helmet for my custom mando and I was wondering if you guys and gals knew of anyone who made/sold any helmets?(and would respond to a pm, because two people did not respond back) I would like to shy away from ebay, but if it does come to that what do you recommend; rubies/don post/etc? Any help would be apprecited.


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How much are you looking to spend on your helmet? SgtFang makes a great helmet, but right now will be a little slow to respond to PM's due to the fact that he's having some computer problems.

Duran Lomax

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Ebay is a good bet for the old Rubies helmets. While those suck compared to, say, BobaMaker or SgtFang, they are definately cheaper. Im using one myself for my custome Mando.

Bubba Fett

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Yeah, the 96 or 97 Don Posts might be good if you are on a budget. Be careful though as some of them have horrible shape to them. They are also great if you are a little on the smaller side. I have also seen some people do great things with the Rubies Jango helmets, even the cheap two-piece ones.

If you are over 6" then I might spend the extra cash and go for the Sgt Fang or Protocol ones as they will look better IMHO. I am 6ft 3in and I had a hard time even getting a DP95 on my fat head.